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AdCare Announces New Logo That Reflects Core Values and Mission

WORCESTER, Mass. and KINGSTOWN, R.I., June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AdCare Hospital in Worcester, MA and AdCare Rhode Island in North Kingstown, RI are excited to announce their new logo reflecting their core values and mission.

For more than 48 years, AdCare has been passionately dedicated to providing care for those struggling with addiction. Our new logo is a visual representation of the immense heart that each of our providers bring to our treatment programs and patients at AdCare Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts and AdCare Rhode Island in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

At the top of AdCare’s list of core values is compassion and caring. “Both are essential ingredients in the treatment we provide that is not only effective but kind, nonjudgmental and grounded in a real understanding of what our patients have endured in their struggles with addiction,” said Dr. Romas Buivydas, CEO, AdCare Hospital, Worcester, MA.

“The heart logo also illustrates AdCare’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and a supportive environment for all patients and staff members,” said Fred Trapassi, CEO of AdCare Rhode Island, North Kingstown, RI.

Finally, the new logo gives a nod to New England, the home of AdCare’s two inpatient treatment programs, AdCare Hospital in Worcester, MA and AdCare Rhode Island in North Kingstown, RI, and our seven outpatient/telehealth programs throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our logo’s heart pays special tribute to AdCare Hospital’s home in the City of Worcester, MA, also known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” and whose official symbol centers around the heart.

Serving New Englanders for nearly half a century, AdCare will continue our mission: to inspire wellness and long-term recovery in those suffering from addiction by empowering them through the highest quality, individualized and effective treatment founded on clinical excellence within a safe and supportive community.

In addition to life-changing, hospital-based care in Worcester, Massachusetts, AdCare provides transformative inpatient detoxification and residential treatment in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and comprehensive outpatient and telehealth services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In March of 2018, AdCare was purchased by American Addiction Centers, a national treatment provider that has a total of nine treatment centers countrywide.

Mary Beth Papcsy, Media Relations
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AdCare Rhode Island
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