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River Oaks Treatment Center’s LGBT+ Treatment Track Addresses Mental Health and Addiction in the Community

RIVERVIEW, Fla., June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- River Oaks Treatment Center, a leading provider of addiction treatment in Florida, has implemented an LGBT+ treatment track to specifically address the unique needs of this population. This treatment track is designed for patients who identify as a member of the community or those who may be close to someone who identifies as LGBT+.

LGBT+ people have difficulty in accessing proper care for a number of health issues, and addiction is certainly one of them,” said Karah Moody, lead therapist of the LGBT+ track. “This population experiences addiction at a significantly higher rate than the overall population, and when they do choose to seek treatment, they need to be in an environment conducive to healing. That is why this track was specifically created.”

Karah Moody is a licensed mental health counselor and master’s level certified addiction professional with more than 10 years of experience treating patients with mental health and substance use disorder.

“Recovery in the LGBT+ community can be precarious,” said Moody. “Resources for this community are limited, and many of the safe spaces that do exist can be less than ideal for people in recovery. This track focuses on creating an environment that is welcoming and helps them identify the intersectionality between their recovery and how they identify, and teaches them the coping skills necessary to achieve long-term recovery.”

River Oaks’ LGBT+ treatment track addresses a number of topics, including the coming out stages, difficult family dynamics, self-worth, internalized oppression and navigating their new life in recovery while addressing barriers that are specific to the LGBT+ community.

About River Oaks Treatment Center is located near Tampa at 12012 Boyette Rd, Riverview, FL 33569. River Oaks Treatment Center treats patients who are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental/behavioral health issues. For more information, call 813-213-4987.

Maz Rodriguez
Public Relations Manager
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