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Pulling a Family Member or Friend out from the Trenches of Addiction

In many ways, family and friends are an extension of who we are. They help to define our character, ethics, intelligence and appearance. And when something negatively interferes within this connection, even if it's the slightest of obstructions— we notice, become angry and are left scared and feeling helpless. There may be no greater threat to a family or relationship than drug... [Continue Reading]

7 Simple Ways to Manage Your Chronic Pain

Nearly half of the U.S.’s population suffers from chronic pain. While pain is the body’s way of letting you recognize that there is a problem, many chronic pain sufferers have found there is little relief to their pain symptoms, especially if the pain is due to an old injury or an incurable problem. Because of the severity and persistence of the pain, chronic pain does need to... [Continue Reading]

9 Ways to Cope with Depression

More than 80 percent of people who have depression never seek treatment for their troubles. While some do not want to admit that they might be suffering with depression, more often than not, people do not realize they are depressed, believing their feelings are normal. However, depression is extremely draining, as many people feel a never-ending sense of sadness, loneliness, and... [Continue Reading]

Techniques for a Whiter Smile

A bright smile is gorgeous, attractive and unconsciously signals excellent health to other people. People are naturally attracted to folks with whiter teeth. In fact, studies have shown that people with whiter teeth have a slight edge over people with less white teeth. As a result, they are likely to secure their dream jobs. Another 2008 Columbia study showed that women with brighter smiles... [Continue Reading]

Getting Fit the Natural Way

In winter months we all find ourselves hiding from the bad weather and inevitably rushing to gyms and studios to keep fit. But what about those sunny days? Should we be ditching the normal routine for more outdoor activities? One of the big advantages of working out outside is it improves muscles you may have ignored previously. Doing the same exercises week in week out will cause your body... [Continue Reading]

Traits to Look for in a Pediatrician

One of the most critical things that a parent can do for their child is choose a great pediatrician. After all, a child’s pediatrician will be the person that you look to for advice when they become sick, or even just as they go through the growing process. Therefore, your pediatrician has to be someone you can trust. Here are some of the best traits that you can look for in a... [Continue Reading]

Top Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

As a person gets older, it will become harder and harder for them to maintain a healthy weight. For some people, struggling with weight is something they have done their whole life. There are a number of ways that a person can lose weight, but it will take a lot of hard work and perseverance. In order to lose weight the right way, a person will need to seek out the assistance of professionals... [Continue Reading]

How to Make Your Home a Healthier Place to Live

Creating a healthy home is not an easy task for anyone to accomplish. There are a lot of common temptations that can live in a person’s home that are difficult to overlook on a regular basis. Additionally, the home can be a house to many illnesses and other germs that can cause health issues for the family. Every family can make a few simple changes to create a healthier home today.... [Continue Reading]

Think You Can't Afford Health Insurance?

For many Americans, these days can be fraught with anxiety over bills, specifically medical expenditures. While more consumers are covered by health insurance these days through an employer’s plan, being young enough to remain under their parents coverage, or be on one of their own, countless others still go day-to-day without proper health insurance coverage. As a result, worrying... [Continue Reading]

Healthy Eating Strategies for Busy Schedules

Having a busy schedule and trying to eat healthy is not easy. Between juggling the multiple tasks on your plate, it’s easy to resort to meals that are convenient – and not the healthiest for you. So, we've rounded up some strategies to help keep you motivated to eat healthy.  1. Prep Your Meals on Sunday Stock up on groceries for the week and prep your meals on Sundays to... [Continue Reading]

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Brazil Links Dengue-Like Virus to Birth Defects in Babies
RIO DE JANEIRO — The dengue-like Zika virus has been linked for the first time to cases of babies being born with small heads, or microcephaly, Brazil's government said. It said scientists studying a surge of such cases in northeastern Brazil found ...

Planned Parenthood Suing Texas Over Medicaid Cutting
Planned Parenthood filed suit against the state of Texas this past week over the state's cutting of Medicaid coverage to the controversial medial facility. Planned Parenthood's lawsuit alleges that the state's banning of Medicaid is a violation of ...

2016 'Food Trends' Predictions: Unlabeled Genetically-Modified Salmon, Dye ...
2016 'Food Trends' Predictions: Unlabeled Genetically-Modified Salmon, Dye ...

16 fall ill after taking spice drug in downtown San Diego
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Authorities say 16 people have been sickened in downtown San Diego after taking the synthetic marijuana drug spice. The San Diego Union-Tribune ( ) says fire officials treated the patients during numerous calls ...

CDC Recalls Products Mixed with Celery-and-Onion Blend from Costco Wholesale Corp.
The US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recalling all the products from the Costco Wholesale Corp. after possible detection of E. coli infection in the rotisserie chicken salad. About 19 people got infected with the E. coli outbreak ...

Massachusetts Considering Raising Smoking Age To 21
Massachusetts is considering raising the legal smoking age to 21 in order to help combat teen smoking, taking a lead from other municipalities in the state that have already done so. By Melissa Hiebert | Nov 29, 2015 12:17 PM EST. Smoking ...

UNSW Researchers find new clues about Alzheimer's disease with synaptic level ...
UNSW Researchers find new clues about Alzheimer's disease with synaptic level ...

Why You Shouldn't Wear Hair Ties on Your Wrist
Why you shouldn't wear hair ties on your wrist: apparently because you risk developing an infection. I know that it might seem silly to think that hair ties could actually harm you, I mean, they're just hair ties, the worst thing that's happened to me ...

Kids with dogs shown to have less anxiety than petless peers
Every kid should know the joys of having a pet while growing up – this widely held conventional wisdom just received a huge vote of confidence from a New York based study that demonstrated kids are better off with pets, especially dogs. A group of ...

Alzheimer's Breaks Down Link between Neurons
Scientists from the Australia's University are not able to offer patients that suffer from Alzheimer's disease, a new ray of hope. The team of researchers has managed to explain why Alzheimer's breaks down link between neurons. In the early stages of ...

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