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6 Helpful Tips for Treating Infertility in Women

Conceiving can come very easily to some women. Other women will have to try for months to get pregnant. However, it is not uncommon for women to try over a year to get pregnant with no success. This issue can be extremely frustrating and disheartening for any women. Women today are lucky enough to have a lot of options to consider when dealing with infertility. Every woman can consider her... [Continue Reading]

How To Make Every Day A Healthy And Happy Day

Life is short. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to make yours as happy and healthy as possible. If you are determined to have a good day every day, you have certainly come to the right place! Let’s take a look at our super suggestions for how to live each day with a huge smile on your face. Source Give yourself a treat every day - What a nice what to start!... [Continue Reading]

Forgive and Forget – Can you Really Forget?

It doesn't matter what you're recovering from—substance abuse, mental health issues, or [another thing]—forgiveness is a big part of the process. For those in 12-step programs, you are often encouraged to forgive those who've hurt you in the past, but also to forgive yourself for times when you haven't lived up to your own expectations. But how do we achieve forgiveness? ... [Continue Reading]

Simple Ways to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can help many people feel happier and more confident. It can be a great route to take if you want to feel better about yourself. Some people believe that cosmetic surgery is a great way to boost their self-esteem and to give them the body that they have always wanted. For many, it’s the perfect way to feel good. With so many people going under the knife, it... [Continue Reading]

4 Reasons For Restless Nights

Are you experiencing night after night of disturbed sleep? It’s important to get to the root of this problem so that you can return to your regular sleeping pattern as soon as possible. A lack of sleep can have consequences for your health. It can lead to a number of problems such as risk of accident and injury in the short term and obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure in the... [Continue Reading]

7 Common Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight

Losing weight has been commonly said as one of the most difficult things a person has to do in their lifetime. Many people struggle with their weight for their entire lives without finding the success that they want. This is a far too common occurrence in today’s society. Even though the journey towards weight loss is different for everyone based on their body and lifestyle, there are a... [Continue Reading]

3 Simple Health Tips to Change Your Life

Being healthier is something that everyone desires. However, sometimes it seems like there is nothing that an individual can do to be healthier. At least not something that is easy, or quick. There are 3 simple health tips that a person can do to better themselves. Healthy Foods There are several simple health tips that can help when we examine the foods we eat. This is a quick sample of... [Continue Reading]

After-Work Out Solutions to Boost Energy

Have you ever gone to a gym that provides food for its patrons? If you find something like trail mix or bananas, eat up, but if you see a steaming pizza only half eaten, be afraid, be very afraid. Choosing the right food and beverages post workout is essential to your health and functionality. To boost your energy level and replenish depleted proteins after an intense session try out some of... [Continue Reading]

Get the Right Hearing Aid and Start Improving Your Life Today

According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, more than 36 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss, yet current statistics indicate that less than one-quarter of those who have hearing loss get help.  Fortunately, 9 out of 10 people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids. If you are one of the millions of Americans who spend each day... [Continue Reading]

10 Health Fads You Need to Stop Following Right Now

Everyone knows the feeling you get after a weekend of ice cream, salty snacks, and empty calories. And come Monday morning, you’re saying “Okay, I need a new plan. It’s time to get serious about losing some weight.” Which is great. Everyone gets to a certain point when they are unhappy with their own appearance, and the healthiest way to deal with that is to accept... [Continue Reading]

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Kindergarteners Watch More Than 3 Hours of TV a Day
For kids as young as kindergarten-age, watching even a small amount of TV daily is linked to obesity and overweight, finds a new study. Kids who watched an hour of television a day were more likely to be overweight or obese than kids who watched less than ...

Alcohol Use Predicts Hepatitis C Deaths
Substance abuse in many forms increases the risk of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Injecting drugs carries a direct risk of getting infected. But alcohol abuse makes it more difficult for patients with hepatitis infections to live a normal lifespan. Not only does ...

Ovarian cancer: we need better access to BRCA testing
Doctors have long believed that the immune system could affect cancer. Indeed, it was as far back as the 19th century that an American surgeon - William Coley - noticed that patients who developed an infection after surgery seemed to rally quicker. Dr. Coley ...

HIV Self-Testing Kits Sold in UK; Diagnosis Results in 15 Minutes
A self-testing kit for HIV, the first of its kind in the world, is able to produce the results in just 15 minutes by using only a little bit of blood. Contribute to this Story; Send us a tip; Send us a photo or video; Suggest a correction. The approved HIV kit from BioSURE ...

CDC: E-cigarette use among young people tops regular cigarettes
Young people in Utah and across the U.S. are using e-cigarettes more than all other forms of tobacco, including regular cigarettes, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Health and ...

Broga, the more macho yoga for men
NEW YORK - Men who crave the benefits of yoga but recoil at sharing the experience with a room full of women are turning to Broga, a rugged take on the 3,000-year-old practice of movement and breath. Broga celebrates the physical over the spiritual, and ...

RPT-INSIGHT-Increased human protections offered as H5N2 outbreak spreads
(Repeats with no change). By P.J. Huffstutter and Julie Steenhuysen. CHICAGO, April 27 (Reuters) - Hundreds of farm workers exposed to a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu have been offered antiviral medication as a preventative measure in recent days, ...

Extra sleep improves memory in flies
New research indicated that extra sleep, equivalent 3 to 4 hours of sleep over a minimum 2-day period in humans, helped improve memory problems in fruit flies. Several studies have linked more sleep and better memory. However, new fruit fly research, ...

Count of botulism cases tied to Ohio church meal rises
LANCASTER, Ohio (AP) — The numbers of confirmed and suspected cases of botulism tied to a central Ohio church potluck have risen as officials try to pinpoint the source of the illnesses. An Ohio Department of Health spokesman tells The Columbus ...

Maybe You Should Rethink That Daily Aspirin
For all the good aspirin can do in preventing second heart attacks and strokes, taking it daily can boost some risks, too — of ulcers, for example, and of bleeding in the brain or gut. iStockphoto. We've all heard that an aspirin a day can keep heart disease at ...

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