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The Top 10 Causes of Hearing Loss

There are a wide range of causes of hearing loss, which can be immediate or gradual and will vary with impact. Most causes can be found by examining the ear and finding out where the problem or damage is within the ear. No matter the severity or cause of the hearing loss, it is vital to seek medical help to prevent it from getting worse or becoming permanent. Here are the top 10 most common... [Continue Reading]

Juicing Myths Debunked Once And For All

Juicing can seem like an attractive option for many people who want to get healthier and maybe even lose a little weight. However, there are so many myths flying around about juicing, that it can be hard to decipher whether it’s right for you or not. Plus, there are right and wrong ways to go about this kind of thing. In this post we’re going to debunk those juicing myths once and... [Continue Reading]

Sleep and Weight Loss – How 40 Winks can Help You Drop those 40 Pounds

It’s a common fact of life today that many folks don’t really get the full amount of sleep they really need. Whether it’s trying to catch up with work, or binge-watching a favorite TV show, the results are essentially the same. Indeed, even those who blindly swear they sleep enough are often found to be suffering from the lack of it. And this is unfortunate, as getting your... [Continue Reading]

5 Relaxation Techniques To Use Before A Medical Examination

Each year, more than 40 million American adults undergo a preventative health examination (PHE). The purpose of these procedures is to screen for potential concerns, helping patients to feel reassured of their good physical condition and allowing doctors to identify problems as early as possible. No matter how well they know their doctor, and no matter how many times they may have visited... [Continue Reading]

Is IVF Your Road to a Baby?

The desire to have a baby is high up on the list for millions of women (and their significant others for that matter). That said dreams of starting a family can sometimes turn to disappointment, a disappointment that ends up taking shape due to a number of reasons. One of the complications to having a baby is a rather simple, yet painful obstacle. For many women, they find it all but... [Continue Reading]

Living With Your Disability: 5 Tips To Help Achieve Financial Security

Wheelchair Disability Picture Disability can strike at any time, and it can cause horrendous physical and emotional stress. Part of that emotional stress often comes from the fact of knowing that you can’t return to your previous occupation. Without a full-time wage, it’s going to be difficult to maintain healthy finances, which is worrying! So, here are just a few basic tips to... [Continue Reading]

A LPNs Role in the Workplace

LPNs, or Licensed Practical Nurses, are an integral part of the healthcare system. While the position may not seem as glamorous as that of a physician or registered nurse, it's often the LPN that develops the sincerest and most caring relationship with the patient. That's because the LPN is the one that offers comforting bedside manner, and they're the first ones to answer the call when... [Continue Reading]

Sinus Pain: Four Creative Ways To Help Relieve It

Photo by BruceBlaus It can be difficult to explain the way that chronic sinus issues damage your life. Most people can sympathize with the idea of feeling bunged up. We all go through it with the annual winter cold. They can acknowledge how uncomfortable it is, the way that it damages your ability to speak properly. They may even recognize the idea that with less of a sense of smell,... [Continue Reading]

Struggling With Obesity? What To Do To Rid Fat For Good!

A lot of people are struggling with obesity around the world, which can cause heart issues, depression, and cancer. In fact, more than one-third of adults in the US are suffering with obesity. Although short-term diets can help you lose some of the weight, it’s not a long-term solution to weight loss. Here is what you should do if you are struggling from obesity, and want to get rid of... [Continue Reading]

Ways To Help You Live Positive With Cancer

Cancer is a big diagnosis. That’s a clear understatement. Cancer can rock your world and send you through a gauntlet of various uncomfortable emotions. Denial. Anger. Simple overwhelming. For a lot of people, it’s a very real wake-up call to our mortality that can shake them to the core. In light of the threat to your life, it can seem difficult to stay positive. Yet, resilience is... [Continue Reading]

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Beef sold in Connecticut recalled after 2 Conn residents hospitalized due to E.Coli
HARTFORD –Beef from a Massachusetts slaughterhouse is being recalled after testing positive for E. Coli and sickening people in several states including two in Connecticut according to state and federal agencies. The Connecticut Department of Public ...

Over 1000 people attend suicide prevention walk in Springfield
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More than one thousand people walked through Springfield Sunday to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. 22News spoke with some of the families who have been affected by a loved one who took their own ...

Getting involved: Breast cancer events run through month across region
Lori Wolfe/The Herald-Dispatch Mountwest Community & Technical College President Dr. Keith Cotroneo participates in the annual Pink Out survivor walk on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015, at MCTC in Huntington. Pink Out is an annual event to raise funds for the ...

October offers Charlotte Komen Race for the Cure, speakers on meditation, spiritual wellness, multiple myeloma
The 20th annual Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure will be Oct. 1 at Marshall Park in uptown Charlotte. The race venue opens at 6 a.m., and events run through 10 a.m. The fundraiser is one of the many U.S. races supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, ...

Zuckerberg, Chan pledge $3B to end disease
SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a goal that's even more ambitious than connecting the entire world to the internet: He and his wife want to help eradicate all disease by the end of this century. Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are ...

Seven overdose deaths in one day reported in Cleveland area
Seven people died Saturday in the Cleveland area, marking the latest outbreak of drug overdose deaths in the state. Tests were being conducted to figure out which drugs were involved in the Saturday deaths, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Thomas ...

18th annual Race for the Cure raises money, awareness for breast cancer
Since 1999, Komen Austin has invested more than $11 million into breast health services and educational efforts locally. US terror attacks common denominator: Anwar al-Awlaki. Updated: 5 mins ago. NEW YORK (AP) — Five years after Anwar al-Awlaki was ...

How to ward off food allergies in babies
Children who ate peanuts between the ages of four and eleven months had a 70 per cent reduced peanut allergy risk compared to children who ate the food later. Introducing eggs and peanuts into children's diet early and at a young age may reduce their ...

How can you tell Zika from the flu?
Robert Garry is a professor of microbiology and immunology at Tulane University who is a principal investigator of the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium. , PHOTO COURTESY PAULA BURCH-CLENTANO, TULANE UNIVERSITY. Related article » ...

Walk to End Alzheimer's raises awareness and hope
PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Alzheimer's Disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in Maine. For over 20 years, walks across the state have been raising awareness and money to put an end to this disease. Both Portland and Fort Kent held their ...

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