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Techniques for a Whiter Smile

A bright smile is gorgeous, attractive and unconsciously signals excellent health to other people. People are naturally attracted to folks with whiter teeth. In fact, studies have shown that people with whiter teeth have a slight edge over people with less white teeth. As a result, they are likely to secure their dream jobs. Another 2008 Columbia study showed that women with brighter smiles... [Continue Reading]

Getting Fit the Natural Way

In winter months we all find ourselves hiding from the bad weather and inevitably rushing to gyms and studios to keep fit. But what about those sunny days? Should we be ditching the normal routine for more outdoor activities? One of the big advantages of working out outside is it improves muscles you may have ignored previously. Doing the same exercises week in week out will cause your body... [Continue Reading]

Traits to Look for in a Pediatrician

One of the most critical things that a parent can do for their child is choose a great pediatrician. After all, a child’s pediatrician will be the person that you look to for advice when they become sick, or even just as they go through the growing process. Therefore, your pediatrician has to be someone you can trust. Here are some of the best traits that you can look for in a... [Continue Reading]

Top Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

As a person gets older, it will become harder and harder for them to maintain a healthy weight. For some people, struggling with weight is something they have done their whole life. There are a number of ways that a person can lose weight, but it will take a lot of hard work and perseverance. In order to lose weight the right way, a person will need to seek out the assistance of professionals... [Continue Reading]

How to Make Your Home a Healthier Place to Live

Creating a healthy home is not an easy task for anyone to accomplish. There are a lot of common temptations that can live in a person’s home that are difficult to overlook on a regular basis. Additionally, the home can be a house to many illnesses and other germs that can cause health issues for the family. Every family can make a few simple changes to create a healthier home today.... [Continue Reading]

Think You Can't Afford Health Insurance?

For many Americans, these days can be fraught with anxiety over bills, specifically medical expenditures. While more consumers are covered by health insurance these days through an employer’s plan, being young enough to remain under their parents coverage, or be on one of their own, countless others still go day-to-day without proper health insurance coverage. As a result, worrying... [Continue Reading]

Healthy Eating Strategies for Busy Schedules

Having a busy schedule and trying to eat healthy is not easy. Between juggling the multiple tasks on your plate, it’s easy to resort to meals that are convenient – and not the healthiest for you. So, we've rounded up some strategies to help keep you motivated to eat healthy.  1. Prep Your Meals on Sunday Stock up on groceries for the week and prep your meals on Sundays to... [Continue Reading]

How to Avoid Getting Sick on Your Summer Vacation

Being sick is something that no one wants to deal with any time of the year. When a person is trying to enjoy their once-a-year vacation, being sick can be the worst thing in the world. Everyone wants to do whatever they can to prevent getting sick during the summer months. Luckily, there are a few tricks everyone can use to stay healthy on summer vacation. These tips can help anyone avoid... [Continue Reading]

7 Health Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Body

Summer is here and everyone is getting ready to throw on their bathing suits and head outside to the beach. Even though the goal every year is to feel confident in this bathing suit, there are a lot of people who feel less than beach ready when the summer season rolls around. This can be the year that everyone looks and feels their best as they bare it all this summer. There are some easy... [Continue Reading]

Laser Hair Removal Guide

There are all kinds of reasons that you may wish to remove hair from your body besides looking attractive such as hormonal changes that have caused you to grow hair where women do not grow hair such as on the face. In cases of surgery, areas of the body may need hair removed to help avoid infection, so you can see that removing hair is more than just a cosmetic procedure. Of course, in... [Continue Reading]

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Cancer Drug That Sharpens Memory May Help Treat Dementia
A drug currently used to treat cancer patients has been found to sharpen memory in experiments involving rats. Researchers said that RGFP966, an HDAC inhibitor, holds potential as treatment for Alzheimer's disease. (Photo : Allan Ajifo | Flickr). A ...

Sleeping late could lead to slight weight gain among youngsters: Berkeley Study
A study has linked sleeping late to weight gain in teens and adults. The study by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, suggested that the time at which teenagers go to sleep plays an important role when it is about weight gain ...

Researchers find weak link in flu vaccine
The reputation of the flu vaccine has taken a bit of a beating in recent years. Official claims about its effectiveness have been downgraded. And some years – like last year – the vaccine hasn't been well-matched to the influenza viruses making people ...

Health Talk: Genetic testing and breast cancer
Dr. Barbara Urban is a medical breast specialist at the Aiello Breast Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center. - Original Credit: Dr. Barbara Urban is a medical breast specialist at the Aiello Breast Center at the ...

Health: 1.8 Million Cheerios Boxes Recalled Over Gluten Contamination
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — General Mills has recalled 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios because the gluten-free cereal might be contaminated with wheat. General Mills is voluntarily recalling classic Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios, which are sold as gluten ...

YouTube Star Caleb Logan Bratayley's Family Has History of Heart Disease: Report
The popular web star died from what his parents say was an "undetected medical condition." On Tuesday, they told ABC News that the family has a history of "hypertrophic cardiomyopathy." The disease causes the heart muscle to become abnormally thick ...

Michigan providing water filters in Flint after high lead readings
DETROIT Michigan on Tuesday began distributing free water filters to residents of Flint, a week after confirming that some children had elevated levels of lead in their blood since the city began taking water from a nearby river. The state last week ...

Express Scripts sees $750 million in spending on new cholesterol drugs
Express Scripts Holding Co, the largest manager of prescription drug plans for U.S. employers and health plans, said it has reached deals to cover two costly new cholesterol drugs and expects to spend $750 million on them next year. The injected drugs ...

Mom says flight attendant scolded her for using breast pump in bathroom
A Phoenix mom is demanding changes after she says she was scolded by a flight attendant for using a breast pump in an airplane bathroom. Embed. <iframe width="476" height="270" src="" frameborder="0" ...

Republic is 12th best on palliative care index
Singapore has been ranked the 12th best place in the world to die, up from 18th in 2010, in a global index on palliative care. It is also the second best in Asia, behind Taiwan. This is according to the Quality of Death Index released yesterday by ...

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