4 Exercises That Boost Your Mental Health

With everything going on in the world right now, we must take proactive steps to limit anxiety and depression - or any mental health issues that could arise. While there are plenty of medications and supplements on the market that can help, not to mention journaling, mediation, and other activities - exercise is one of the best things we can do for our mental health. There are so many benefits of exercising regularly that you're already familiar with, like weight loss, improved mood, and better sleep. But what if you're not someone who is prone to physical fitness? Where do you start? Let us look at some easy exercises that will boost your mental health and keep you feeling great and looking great, too!


You know that feeling you get when you receive a facial at the spa? The relaxing music, the aromatherapy, and the confident movements of your esthetician's hands on your face? Yoga is like a facial for your body. Of course, you need to find an instructor that you resonate with - online or in-person - to reap the maximum benefits. Thankfully, virtually every town in America has a yoga studio, so try out some local instructors and if the vibe doesn't fit, find one online. Yoga teaches you the power to control your breath, which is an essential tool in dealing with mental health issues like anxiety. The great thing about yoga is its ability to be done by anyone at any age - so start with beginners courses and move your way up the proverbial yoga ladder to more advanced poses and exercises - your body and mind will thank you. 

Take A Hike 

Hiking is an excellent form of exercise to stay in top physical shape - it's incredibly therapeutic for your mental health. While walking is a perfect form of daily exercise, it can become routine and is often done on streets and sidewalks. Hiking puts you right in the center of nature and gives you a goal of reaching the top of whatever you're hiking. It's incredibly grounding, not to mention being surrounded by nature's beauty at every turn is incredible for the soul. Hiking is much more demanding on your body than a leisurely walk, so make sure you are recovering with some of the best CBD gummies for muscle recovery, plenty of water, and a magnesium salt bath. Hiking may be your new favorite hobby if you give it a try!

High-Intensity Workouts 

Do you struggle with anger management? Or maybe the state of affairs has you feeling on edge and upset - high intensity could be the ticket. Though it can sound intimidating because of how intense the workouts are - don't fear, there are plenty of beginners courses available online. If you work out better with an instructor, your local gym will have a trainer that can help you with high-intensity workouts. They are highly efficient at burning severe calories and helping you lose weight. Still, high-intensity activities also release many chemicals in your brain that boost your mood and battle mental health problems.

Mixed Martial Arts 

The global lockdowns spotlight how vital socialization is and how detrimental isolation can be to mental health. So, if you want to boost your mental health and connect with a great community, enrolling in a mixed martial arts class could be just the ticket. It is a great way to stay in physical and mental shape - MMA also teaches you invaluable self-defense techniques. People who enjoy the sport love the sense of community, the fun of competitions, and the reward of moving up in skill levels. MMA is an excellent addition to a mentally healthy lifestyle. 

Guarding your mental health is just as important as keeping up with your physical health - it's almost as if you can't have one without the other. Your mental health also impacts your physical health - as anxiety can lead to heart disease and stroke, untreated depression can lead to severe inflammation in the body. Taking steps to be proactive with your health is the gift that keeps on giving - so use this list of exercises as a starting point to living your best life. Here's to you and your health!