5 Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

Vitamins available as pressed pills have been on the market for a long time. Liquid vitamins for women are a newer invention, and not as many people know about their benefits. They can be a great addition to your dietary supplements, and you should know why. Here are five reasons why liquid vitamins are better for you than pill vitamins.

1. Liquid vitamins are easier to digest and provide more nutrients than pill vitamins.

When you take a vitamin pill, your body must digest the hard shell or coating on the outside first. This means you spend time and energy digesting it before you can get the nutrients from within. It can take more than thirty minutes to break down the outer shell and begin digesting the vitamins. Liquid vitamins don't have a coating, so you don't need to worry about this.

Your body can spend more time processing the nutrients from liquid vitamins instead of binders and fillers. Our bodies are much better at digesting liquids than pills, which means that you get more nutrients from a liquid vitamin than a pill vitamin. In fact, you can digest up to 98% of a liquid, compared to about 15% of a pill. That makes a massive difference in the amount of nutrition your body receives.

2. Liquid vitamins absorb very quickly.

In the previous section, we mentioned that it could take over thirty minutes for your body to break down the coating of a pill. It can take even longer for your body to begin processing and utilizing those vitamins. Did you know that liquid vitamins start digesting in your mouth? The mucus membrane in your mouth and throat starts absorbing vitamins immediately. This means your body will begin using those vitamins as soon as you take them. Faster absorption means you will feel the effects sooner too.

3. Liquid vitamins are fresher.

Liquid vitamins can be made from whole fruits and vegetables, which means they are fresher. Pills need to be shelf-stable, so the vitamins in them are usually made synthetically. Liquid vitamin supplements also have fewer fillers and preservatives for the same reason. This means that liquid vitamins have a shorter shelf-life, but the vitamins and nutrition in them are also more potent.

4. Liquid vitamins are easier to swallow and measure.

Every member of the family deserves to have their nutritional needs met. Swallowing large vitamins can be difficult for elderly people, or those with swallowing issues. Children can benefit from taking liquid vitamins too. Chewable or gummy vitamins often have added sugar or dye, which offer no nutritional benefit to children. With liquid vitamins, you can be sure that you're giving the correct dose for each person in your house.

5. Liquid vitamins are more synergistic than pill vitamins.

What is synergistic? Synergistic is a fancy way to say that the sum is greater than all of its parts. Pill vitamins can fit a few nutrients in each dose, but the other ingredients they need to include limit the effectiveness of the vitamins you need.

Liquid vitamins are able to fit a lot more nutrients in each dose. Blending these nutrients together creates more benefits than taking a synthetic version. A pill simply can't deliver the same amount of nutrition as a liquid supplement made from whole foods.

Where can I buy Liquid Vitamins for Women?

You should talk with your doctor and do some research before starting any dietary supplement. A great place to start is to look in health and nutrition stores, natural grocery stores, and online retailers like Mathew Brands - Nutz About Health. Taking vitamins is about more than the best deal; it's about prioritizing your health and wellness. Make sure that the vitamin you take supports your overall well-being.