5 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Some say that the sport of golf was created in the Scottish Highlands – somewhere around the 15th century. Another cohort of golf scholars say that the sport dates all the way back to Ancient Roman times. Whatever the case it, there is one thing for certain: golf is a sport enjoyed by millions of people from all walks of life. Whether you enjoy hitting a game of nine holes, or a game of eighteen, golf is fun, relaxing and it can actually be good for your health. Many people don’t understand how a sport that seems so inactive can be so healthy, but if you read many of the best golf shaft reviews and testimonials, you will understand that it takes a certain mental acuity and physical strength to send a ball – about the size of an eyeball – hundreds of yards into a tiny hole. Here are five health benefits of playing golf.

  1. Better reflexes. Golf trains both your reflexes and your reaction time. This combination can improve mental cognition and physical strength. If you are a golf fanatic, or if you find yourself on the course more than a few times a month, you may notice that your reflexes are sharper and that you are more sharp mentally.
  2. Better heart health. Studies have shown that golfers have a long life expectancy – mainly because the sport has improved their heart health. Because you often traverse a large course during a game, golf can build strength in the heart muscles and can equalize blood pressure, which can lead to a reduction in hypertension and other problems that are associated with poor heart health. According to some studies, golfers can actually increase their lifespan by up to five years. Maybe it’s all the walking around, or maybe it’s the sun, but you can’t argue with a longer life.
  3. Better absorption of vitamin D. Speaking of the sun, golfers are also absorbing more vitamin D, which can lead to better lung and organ health, skin health and a better mood. Of course, you should be wearing sun screen to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, but if your skin is protected, you can allow a healthy dose of vitamin D to be absorbed into your skin and bloodstream.
  4. Better stress management. You may be wondering why your husband goes to the golf course all the time, but the reason may be simple: stress reduction. Maybe he has a difficult job, or perhaps he just needs to relax sometimes, but you should be thankful that he found such a great outlet. This is because golf has been known to cut down stress levels significantly. Studies have shown that lower levels of stress can result in a decrease risk for stroke and heart attack.
  5. Better physique. Yes, golfing can make you look good too. Golfing burns calories and cuts fat, so that you appear slimmer and you will feel great too. If you are looking to lose weight, perhaps getting a pair of new clubs and heading to the golf course is the best option for you. Who knows, it may change your life.