5 Health Benefits of Walking and Running

When trying to stay in shape and healthy, there are many exercise options available. However, walking and running are the simplest and most effective exercise options for many individuals. Walking and running are both excellent ways to keep your body moving and get active. Many people do not realize the numerous health benefits walking and running provide to the body. Here are 5 reasons to incorporate walking or running as part of your regular exercise routine.

  1. Walking or running regularly can be an excellent way to lose weight or simply help you to maintain a healthy weight. Both forms of exercise are healthy and safe. In addition, you can work your way from a steady walk to a faster paced jog or run with time and dedication. Overtime, running or walking will help you to steadily shed pounds as needed or stabilize your weight so that it is at a healthy level for your size, height and body type.
  2. Run or walk to develop muscle tone and strengthen your bones. As you age, your muscles and bones will naturally begin to weaken, however running and walking can slow or even prevent this process from starting or continuing. Walking or running can help to prevent serious bone deterioration such as osteoporosis and other issues. Bones are improved by weight-bearing exercise in the form of activities like running and walking. In addition, muscles will develop and strengthen in the thighs, calves, as well as the core muscles of your body.
  3. Help to reduce stress and enhance your mental health. Not only can running improve your body’s physical state, but it can also help you to maintain a healthy mental state as well. Running and walking help to release endorphins in the body, improving your overall mood. Moving your body can help to relive stress and any built up anxiety, for an all around better outlook and feeling. In addition, getting out of the house to run or walk outdoors can help you to get some fresh air, improving your mood as well.
  4. Reduce the risk of heart problems. Running and quick walking will help your workout your cardiovascular system to reduce your risk of heart disease or other cardiovascular related issues like a stroke or a heart attack. It can also reduce blood pressure and strengthen arties and your heart muscle.
  5. Fight off illnesses and diseases by keeping your body in healthy condition. Aside from helping reduce heart illnesses, you can also prevent other issues. Many studies have shown that regular waking or running can help people to prevent breast cancer as well as other problems like diabetes, or hypertension.

Walking and running provide people with large number of benefits. Not only can it help improve your body by eliminating extra pounds, and strengthening your bones and muscles, but also it can help keep you healthy and improve you mood and outlook on life. If you are considering starting running in the USA, you now have the evidence to support this smart, healthy decision.