5 Healthy Tips to Make Yourself Feel Better

Coming clean and staying away from illicit drugs can be a challenging ordeal for anyone who is going through it. Symptoms of withdrawal are real and, depending on how severe these symptoms are, can be debilitating. Fortunately, there are ways you can make yourself feel better to give yourself a fighting chance to stop using ever again.

Since bodies are different, no two experiences are alike when it comes to adjusting back to being sober. You will need time and effort on your part to get back on track. Here are healthy tips to make yourself feel better during the process.

Use a Detox System

Detoxification is a helpful process that rids your body of toxins and harmful chemicals. There is more than one way to go through this process, and the most popular one is an oral detox program that makes use of herbs, minerals, and vitamins to cleanse your blood, urine, and saliva.

If you want a little push in your sobering-up process or if you want to feel better as soon as you can, consider getting a three-day detox program; it works fast and instructions are easy to follow. The detox program is not only for folks who want to get sober but also for those who need to pass a drug test.

Eat Right

Food is comforting, and it can be used to make you feel better, depending on what you eat. When you eat right by incorporating fruits and vegetables, your body will get the nutrition it needs. Nutrient-dense foods can immensely help with your recovery journey and help you feel better.

With that said, it’s best to avoid eating junk like fast food or those with too much sugar or caffeine. If you regularly eat these kinds of foods during recovery, you may compromise your recovery by replacing drug addiction with sugar or caffeine addiction, which will be a problem in the long run. Go for balanced and delicious meals to help heal your body because, once you feel better, the cravings and temptation won’t be as strong.

Bottoms Up!

Having constant oral hydration is a piece of advice that everyone should heed. When you’re going through detox, it’s encouraged to drink as much liquid as you can to assist your internal organs like the kidneys and livers in ridding the toxins. Water is always a safe choice to drink, but you can also enjoy natural fruit juices once in a while.

Bust a Move or Just Move

Being physically active can alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Whether you’re looking for an outlet to expend your energy or to better yourself by building strength or endurance, then exercising is an option to consider. If you like traditional exercise by going to the gym, then find a local one and enroll there.

If you don’t find lifting weights or running on a stationary treadmill enjoyable, there are other forms of exercises that you may find more fulfilling or worth your time. You can try sports like swimming, basketball, or football. If dancing is more your cup of tea, then take dance classes. If mindful meditation is something you want, then there’s yoga.

There are many benefits of exercise, including lowering your risk for certain types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Additionally, being physically active can help improve your mood because it releases endorphins. When you’re sweating and content, it will be hard to think about going back to bad habits.

Go to Therapy or Seek Alternative Treatment

There are various reasons for the development of an addiction. It can be due to a traumatizing event at some point in their life or being in bad company. Whatever it is, going to therapy can help you unburden whatever leftover feelings or thoughts you have about that time in your life. The therapist can help you process some things you may not have come to realize yet.

Alternative treatments are another form of therapy that you can look into. They don’t directly treat the symptoms of withdrawal, but they can help improve the quality of life. For example, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments can provide pain relief for your body. Pet therapy, art, and music can help relax your mind and provide a creative outlet.

Make Healthy Habits Stick

If you’re not used to doing the healthy things above, it pays to invest time in making them part of your routine. You can try methods to make healthy habits stick by being consistent every day and starting simple. Mindfully doing something for a few weeks to a month can make a habit automatic.

What healthy tips do you have especially for those who are trying to be sober? Discuss your advice in the comments below.