5 Major Health Benefits of Steam Showers

Although there are a lot of us who can attest to how wonderful it feels take a hot shower, have you ever stopped to think about the fact that it’s actually a therapeutic thing to do? That’s right. According to many medical experts, taking steam showers actually comes with a wide variety of health benefits.

So whether you’re planning to take one at your local gym, in a spa or at home, the next time you step inside of a steam shower, consider the five following ways that it could prove to be beneficial for your overall physical well-being.

It unclogs pores. If you go to a spa or salon to have a professional facial or an exfoliation body treatment done, one thing that they might ask you to do is to follow it up with a steam shower. The reason why is because by applying steam to your body, it helps to open up your pores so that more dirt and debris can be removed from your skin.

Relieves sinus issues. Whether you’re currently dealing with the symptoms that are related to the common cold or you have a bout of sinusitis, not only will steam help you to feel better but it can also assist in breaking up any of the phlegm that could make it hard for you to breath. So, if you are feeling a bit congestion, try standing in a steam shower for about 15 minutes. You might be surprised by how much better you feel afterwards.

Helps with insomnia. While growing up, you might remember that on the nights when you felt a bit restless, your mother might have recommended that you sit in a warm bath or take a hot shower. Although looking back, it might have seemed like a bit of an old wives’ tale, the reality is that there is strong medical evidence to support the fact that steam showers can actually increase the length of one’s REM cycles. As a direct result, it can improve one’s sleep patterns. So, if you happen to be someone who battles with insomnia, hopping into a steam shower is something that you definitely should try.

Reduces stress. One of the main reasons why companies like steam showers inc. are so popular is because steam showers are also known for being able to help people to significantly reduce their level of stress, especially if it’s accompanied with aromatherapy. Lavender, jasmine and sandalwood are all essential oils that can help to calm your senses and bring stability to your central nervous system.

Increases circulation. If you’re someone who has been feeling a bit stiff when as it relates to your joints or there is pain in your lower back area, this is another reason to take a steam shower. Because it is known to increase one’s blood circulation, that can help to ease some of the physical discomfort that may be directly related to working out or even experiencing a minor physical injury. For more information on why it’s a good idea to take steam showers on a regular basis, go to YouTube and put “steam shower benefits” in the search field.