5 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and White

Keeping your teeth healthy and white is a little bit like keeping your overall health in tip top shape. Indeed, the health of our teeth can determine our overall wellbeing, because if you have cavities or gum disease, it can also affect other parts of your body too. When it comes down to it, having yellow teeth, or stains from coffee and tobacco products, can make you feel insecure and unconfident. However, maintaining your teeth is a habit - a habit that could be harder to start than it is to quit smoking. Here are five tips for keeping your teeth healthy and white.

  1. Floss every day. You don’t necessarily have to floss twice a day, but once a day is critical. It is important to floss after a big meal, or before you go to bed. Some people floss twice a day, but it can actually end up doing more harm than good. Yet, flossing once a day will get rid of plaque and tartar that builds up and that can cause tooth decay.
  2. Eat well. What you eat could determine how strong and white your teeth are. Indeed, meals with high concentrations of vitamin A and calcium can not only make your teeth white, but it can also help you fight off gum disease and other dental caries. So, make sure to include some meals with a healthy dose of vitamins into your diet. Not only will nutrition keep your teeth in great shape, but it will also keep your overall health in excellent shape as well. When it comes to cavities, your body’s immune system plays an important role, so it is critical to keep your immune system strong and in efficient working condition.
  3. Stay away from coffee, tea or other drinks that have tannins and stain causing particles. Our teeth are like sponges. They may not look that way, but if you were to look at an electron microscopic image of your teeth, you will notice that your teeth are like little sponges that absorb everything that gets near them. When it comes to coffee and tea, your teeth become especially absorbent, which can cause some serious stains. If you can’t quit drinking coffee, you may want to think about brushing after you have a cup.
  4. Always use mouth wash after a big meal. The reason why we get cavities is because the germs that feed on the food in our teeth release acids. Overtime, the bacteria and germs will sink right through the teeth. This can cause some painful cavities and gum disease. So, you want to make sure to brush after a particularly sugary meal.
  5. Visit a dentist every six months. Visiting a dental clinic, like Grand Lake Dental, is critical to keeping your teeth healthy and white. A dentist has many tools that would be too expensive and impossible to keep at home. Not only that, but a dentist can catch and fill cavities before they reach the point where you need to have the tooth pulled. Not only that, but a dentist will make your smile shiny and bright, so that you can have your confidence back.