5 Tips to Reduce Acne and Get Clear Skin

Out of all the skin conditions that humans can be afflicted with, acne is certainly the most deleterious. While it doesn’t so much affect your health, acne can certainly affect your social life. Because acne is so visible on the face, it can be a great source of embarrassment for many people. Moreover, there are many different types of acne – from the smaller white head variety to the larger cystic one. Cystic acne can cause extraordinary pain, because it can push against the nerves of the face. Luckily, there are numerous ways to manage acne and to get that clear, beautiful skin that people dream of. Here are five tips to reduce acne and get clear skin.

  1. Wash your face twice a day. Acne is caused by oil in the skin – it gets trapped in the pores, which become clogged and infected. Mix in some hormones and you have the perfect recipe for acne. So, make sure to wash your face regularly. When you do wash your face, you want to use a specialized soap – one that doesn’t have too many parabens, which is a chemical preservative that can irritate your skin and worsen acne.
  2. Don’t over wash your face. You want to keep unnecessary dirty and oils off your face, but there are some oils that you want to keep. When you over wash your face, you remove these oils. What can happen is that your face can become too dry, which will make your skin irritated. This irritation can help acne proliferate on your face. Plus, the dry skin can cause your pores to clog up and cause even more acne sores. So, make sure to only wash your face a couple of times a day – over doing it can be dangerous.
  3. Never scrub your face or use abrasive materials to wash your face. For instance, you should reserve scrubbing your face with pumice until after your acne is completely gone. Pumice can cause extreme irritation and face dryness. Acne is a sign that your skin is sensitive and is calling out for more sensitive cleaning materials. So, make sure to use a soft wash cloth and soak – not scrub – your face when your wash it. Also, rinsing the soap off with cold water will close the pores so that they won’t be as susceptive to catching dirt and oil.
  4. Visit a dermatologist. Making an appointment with a dermatological center, like Cole Dermatology & Aesthetic Center, will allow you to get to the bottom of your acne. There are plenty of standard measures that you can take to reduce the proliferation of acne, but sometimes it can get to the point where you need a professional to diagnose your specific acne condition. Plus, a dermatologist will recommend the right face cleanser and medication if deemed necessary.
  5. Apply an astringent before you go to bed. An astringent usually comes pre-applied on strips of cotton. Astringents have unique properties that draw the moisture out of your skin. When you sleep, excess oil can build up in your pores, so applying an astringent right before bedtime can really help.