7 Benefits Of Group Therapy In Overcoming Addiction Problems


Yes, there is medicinal recovery and holistic recovery that can help us recover from drug addiction.

However, nothing could stop therapy!

Therapy is one of the important steps of addiction recovery. In addition, there is cognitive behavioral therapy, social and environmental wellness therapy, and a holistic approach to therapy.

When it comes to treating intense addiction, we also have family therapy and, most importantly, group therapy.

Most commonly known as the Self-help group, which helps patients get a common ground. Isolation is the worst thing that can happen for someone suffering from addiction.

This feeling of being alone, and no one understands their situation, and even shaming them for being in this situation.

Through group therapy, patients meet other patients who are going through the same thing. They hear stories about addiction and achievements about overcoming it. Thus, this is the best motivation that they can get.

Group therapies are something that continues even after the patient is out of the inpatient rehabilitation center. Again, this is because there are small chances of relapsing, and people and professionals are very keen on preventing it.

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What Is Group Therapy?

Let us first get into an in-depth analysis of ‘what is group therapy.’

- When we talk about group therapy, it is not just about many former patients or recovering patients sitting together.

- There is always a supervisor or a therapist sitting as a moderator.

- Agendas are discussed, and people get up one by one to talk about the different problems they have faced or are facing with addiction.

- There are also former patients who have fully recovered and have stayed clean for more than a year. They volunteer to speak about their journey to motivate others.

- They talk about their struggles, their rough times, and how they fought with that situation to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

There are different kinds of group therapies when it comes to addition:

  • In the beginning, you will encounter something called psychoeducational groups, which concentrate on educating the patients about their conditions.
  • Cognitive-behavioral group therapy focuses on understanding different triggers that most patients could be going through.
  • Skill development group therapy focuses on developing new skills and hobbies with all the patients. This is known as the healthiest form of distraction from all the withdrawal symptoms they are facing.
  • The support group has volunteered. This is where current and former patients talk about their struggles and how they were able to overcome them.
  • Interpersonal process groups allow patients to talk to each other. It motivates them by helping others.

Benefits Of Group Therapy For Addiction

Group therapy is very important for the addiction patient’s recovery. This is how it is supremely beneficial.

1. No More Feeling Isolated

The first thing that patients of addiction feel is the need to isolate themselves. These have many reasons.

- They are teenagers and are scared of getting caught.

- There is a feeling of impending doom for not being understood.

- Being blamed is a big trigger that they are not ready to face.

- They do not have anyone to talk to about this.

With the right group therapy, they will be able to connect with people who have also faced the same issue. Again, it is the sense of collective learning which will improve their mental health.

2. Finally Having People Who Can Understand

Finally, patients have people who purely understand what they are going through. It is not just talking to a family member or a therapist who is kind enough to try to understand.

They have people who can empathize with the pain that they have dealt with. The mere feeling of someone else understanding the suffering gives them the togetherness that they have been missing all this time.

3. It Helps In Social & Environmental Wellness

Social and environmental wellness are two of the most important goals that addiction recovery has.

Through group therapy, they get a sense of reality again. In addition, the meaningful conversations and sharing of stories help them become more social.

Most patients lose their ability to proper speech and comprehension. However, through group therapy, they learn to dwell in normal society again.

4. Allows Patients To Think Differently

Once they hear the same stories of addiction from other people, they are always interested to know more.

This gives you a different intellectual awakening, where they understand the negative side of the addiction better.

Most patients are often in denial about the toxic side effects they can encounter. That’s why it is important to show them rather than tell them.

5. Practicing New Hobbies

In some interactive group therapies, patients are able to indulge in healthy holistic activities like yoga, meditation, and other physical activities.

This is giving them new hobbies to practice when they have to distract themselves from the urge to relapse.

6. The Therapist-Can Get New Feedback

A therapist always sits with the patients and listens to their individual conversion, group interactions, and other reactions.

This gives them new insights and materials to analyze. They take in-depth notes and learn about the new treatments they need to incorporate to create a comfortable environment for recovery.

They can also provide you new and reformed health care tips on studying group therapies.

7. It Is Great For Motivation

Group therapies are not just about the people who are still suffering. Some of the former patients can also volunteer to talk in these group therapies.

There is no better form of motivation than listening to real-life success stories. Finally, patients are seeing the positive light that comes after recovery after the recovery process.

Collectively You Can Overcome This!

If you are suffering from addiction, group therapy is something that can help you exponentially.

Protecting yourself from isolation is very important for patients so that they do not fall prey to any mental health disease.

Group therapy is the best solution for this.