7 Common Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight

Losing weight has been commonly said as one of the most difficult things a person has to do in their lifetime. Many people struggle with their weight for their entire lives without finding the success that they want. This is a far too common occurrence in today’s society.

Even though the journey towards weight loss is different for everyone based on their body and lifestyle, there are a few common reasons why a person might be failing to lose weight. Here are seven common reasons why people fail to lose weight.

Trying to go it alone

Many people make the mistake of trying to lose weight without any outside help. Though this may be possible for some people, having support in the weight loss journey ensures success more often. Everyone should speak with their concierge medicine provider to get the healthcare support they need, as well as connecting with friends and family.

Setting goals that are not realistic

It is common for people to compare themselves to others and get discouraged when they cannot achieve the same look as someone else. Everyone has a different body and different restrictions that can keep them from losing weight. Therefore, everyone should avoid comparing themselves to others and instead aim for the healthiest weight they can get to.

Jumping in too fast

It is easy for a person to be ambitious in the beginning of a weight loss plan and want to make a lot of big lifestyle changes at once. This may sound like the best plan for fast weight loss, but it can make the chances of failure much more likely. Starting out slow is the best way to ensure a steady success.

Not addressing underlying health issues first

There are a lot of factors in a person’s overall health that can affect how difficult it is for them to lose weight, like a thyroid imbalance. These issues are often overlooked in common weight loss plans. Finding out what issues might be playing a part in weight gain and correcting them can be the best way for anyone to break a weight loss plateau.

Attempting a diet that is too limiting

There are a lot of different diets and weight loss plans out there. Many of them restrict people too much, making them sometimes cut out entire food groups. These diets often make people crave though restricted foods more, leading them to binge later. Slow elimination is best for any new diet.

Not making lifestyle changes in order to maintain weight loss

A diet is not meant to be something that people follow for a few weeks or months and then completely disregard. In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, people should make lasting lifestyle changes that they will be able to maintain.

Avoiding variety

Everyone’s body will adjust to whatever people change in their lives. Therefore, in order to keep losing weight and avoid getting bored of a diet, everyone should add in some variety to their weight loss schedule.