7 Handy Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Living in unhygienic conditions can never be good for your mind, body, and soul. However, even after this, our busy schedules can make completing chores just that, a chore.

Cleaning your house can be quite a task but, if you have the necessary tools with you, cleaning wouldn’t seem so bad and save you lots of time. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top seven handy tips that you can use to keep your home clean and organized.

Tip #1 - As Soon As You Get Up From Your Bed, Make It

Beds are almost always the focal point of your bedroom. Keeping it well-made and clean can help you instantly give a neat appearance to your entire bedroom. And, then there is the added advantage of starting your day being productive and then ending it by sleeping on a clean bed.

What you need to do is to simplify your bedding to an extent. You really do not need eight pillows with three cushions and a comforter. Opt for the minimalistic route by cutting down your top sheets as well as pillows. You will realize that with only a duvet, bed linen, and a few pillows, making your bed won’t be that difficult anymore.

Tip #2 - Invest In Cleaning Equipment To Make Your Life Easier

It’s only natural for you to invest in good-quality cleaning equipment if you want to keep your house clean and organized. We would personally suggest you buy a Shark vacuum and a mop to help sort all your cleaning woes.

A shark vacuum can pick up even the minutest dust and hair on your surfaces quickly and efficiently. These types of equipment are also quite versatile picking up debris and dirt from various surfaces like carpets, furniture, flooring and so on. A mop, on the other hand, can help prevent scratches on your flooring while making it look their absolute best, every single day.

Also, for health purposes, it is better to regularly clean our floors to prevent allergy and sanitize it.

Tip #3 - Regularly Dust Your Open Spaces and Surfaces

For a clean and organized home, you have to dust daily. Often due to pollution, dirt can accumulate on our open surfaces. But dusting daily, not only will you have a cleaner surface, but you will also be able to keep away any item which isn’t in its place. This will help to give your house a neat and positive vibe.

Remember to use a soft washcloth or an old piece of clothing for this purpose. You can also opt for a furry duster as well.

Tip #4 - Don’t Keep Your Laundry Pending for Long Periods of Time

A room looks the messiest when it has various pieces of clothing lying about. In fact, instead of letting your laundry be, do at least one load of laundry per day.

Of course, you need to develop a habit in this case, but you will realize that if you have the will and determination, you will easily be able to do it. 

Try to do your laundry first thing in the morning. Often when we return from work, we feel lethargic to do anything else rather than rest. So, doing laundry before you leave the house would be better. You can also set a timer in your washing machine to help you be more flexible with your laundry routine.

Tip #5 - Embrace the Concept of “Clean Enough“

A few people are perfectionists which, quite frankly, we really admire. But, when it comes to everyday cleaning and organization, you have to cut yourself some slack.

If you spend too much time and effort on only a single area, you won’t be able to cover your entire home. You might have to leave for work or just simply be tired.

Keeping this in mind, try to be okay with your home being 75 percent clean. The remaining 25 percent is a portion you can make up when you have the time. This 25 percent can include your artificial flowers needing a wash, your chandelier needing a quick fix, and other minor chores. “Clean enough” should definitely be your new home maintenance mantra.

Tip #6 - Wipe the Bathroom Thoroughly

Just think about it: would you like to set foot in a wet and dirty bathroom? We didn’t think so.

A bathroom is a place that we visit at least once or twice a day. Furthermore, if it’s left dirty, it can be a potential space for bacteria to grow due to the presence of a damp and moist atmosphere.

So, after you have taken your shower or bath, quickly wipe down the bathroom. Dry your countertops, sink, and shower. You can use a broad wiper for your floors too. You also have to keep your toiletries back to their original position to have a bathroom that is both clean and organized.

Tip #7 - Keep the Dishwasher Clean

After having your meals, don’t let your dirty utensils stay in your dishwasher. Immediately clean them and load the dishwasher. After the loading, don’t forget to empty it while you're at it. 

It may seem tedious at first, but you’ll soon learn how much better your kitchen will look by following this. If you're sharing your home with someone, you can alternate the duty to make it seem less taxing as well.

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