Celebrity health tips

Hollywood is better known for its fad diets than for truly healthy lifestyles. But, every now and then the stars and their hoards of professional nutritionists, fitness instructors and spiritual coaches do come up with some gems that actually work.

Switch to e-cigarettes

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently spotted sporting an e-cigarette at the Golden Globe awards. According to website How Stuff Works, an e-cigarette is a battery powered device that doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon dioxide and tar.

Readily available from places like, an increasing amount of people are now opting to use electronic cigarettes with official figures citing the number of UK converts at almost 1 million. Well known faces leading the alternative, healthier smoking trend include fashionista Alexa Chung, supermodel Kate Moss, singers Robbie Williams and Cheryl Cole, One Direction’s Zayn Malik, and Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson (R-Patz) who was reportedly introduced to them by Leo DiCaprio himself.

Part of the appeal seems to be that smoking e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’ as it’s known, can be done indoors where tobacco cigarettes would be banned.

Don’t find time, make time

The key to healthy living, looking after yourself and exercising isn’t to find time, it’s to make time. US first-lady, Michelle Obama, is a firm believer in this and prioritises a work-out at the start of her day. The Daily Mail reports that she hits the gym at 4.30am to ensure she gets her daily cardio hit in before her children are awake. If she’s travelling without easy access to a gym she takes a skipping rope along with her. That’s true dedication!

Everything in moderation

There is no doubt that celebrities make achieving the perfect figure look easy, but in reality a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes. Beyonce told Woman’s Day that whilst she doesn’t actively try to gain or lose weight, keeping her figure does take work. It doesn’t come naturally and that means avoiding foods that are high in fat and sugar and eating lighter meals in the evening. She also exercises regularly either in the gym or at yoga classes. On a Sunday the R&B star gives herself the day off and eats whatever she feels like.

Make it part of life and make it fun

Rather than making healthy living an add-on, or something you just do in January, celebrities like Hugh Jackman believe in making it a central part of life. Aged 44, the Wolverine star is focussed on fitness and nutritional eating and has made that ethos part of his daily routine. He takes an ocean dip every morning and runs around seven miles three times a week. He also likes to make sure his work-outs are fun and engaging and takes dancing and boxing lessons to keep fit.

Oscar-winning actor, George Clooney’s top health tip is to do Bikram, or hot, yoga. This fairly gruelling activity is done at temperatures of around 105-degrees which means muscles are as flexible as possible. Great for all over toning as well as leg and upper-body strength it certainly seems to be working for Mr Clooney who you’d never guess is now in his 50s.

Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason