Do You Need to Prepare Your Skin for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures where a laser removes unwanted hair from various areas of the body. These include the armpits, legs, chin, or upper lip, among others. However, the eyelid and around it cannot be treated, nor should tattooed skin.

The color of your hair and your skin type are significant factors in the procedure's success. This is because it should only be the hair pigment that absorbs light, not the skin's pigment. In addition, the skin must not be damaged by the laser and must be focused on the hair follicles alone.

While laser hair treatment removal can effectively reduce unwanted hair and is relatively safe, preparing your skin before the procedure is still necessary to ensure a satisfactory outcome. It is also important for your dermatologist to use the latest machines from reputable laser hair removal machine suppliers when performing the procedure.

The following are steps to take when preparing your skin for the laser hair removal procedure.

Shave the area

Before undergoing laser hair removal, ensure that you shave the specific area for treatment, as the laser focuses on hair follicles. Thus, shaving is necessary to rid the area of hairs that may get in the way during the procedure. Additionally, shaving facilitates the laser's entry into the skin, allowing it to reach hair follicles easily. It is also best to shave at least one day before you have the procedure.

Avoid getting a tan

It is vital to avoid getting a tan before undergoing laser hair removal and after the treatment. Tanning can cause damage to the skin or result in burns, which may also restrict the procedure's efficacy. It can also make it more challenging for the laser to target hair follicles accurately and produce less than satisfactory results. Therefore, it is best to apply an SPF30 sunscreen and keep away from the sun before undergoing the treatment and following the procedure.

Consult your doctor

While laser hair removal is considered safe, it is still important to talk to your doctor before going through the treatment. They can best determine whether you should have it. Additionally, your doctor can advise on preparing for the procedure and what steps to take for proper after-treatment care.

Be mindful of post-treatment care

After the laser hair removal treatment is completed, it is necessary to provide post-treatment care for your skin. Your dermatologist will provide you with instructions that you should follow to ensure the best results. For example, you may be advised to apply ointments or creams to soothe your skin and to stay away from the sun for a certain period. Other recommendations include avoiding hot showers and sauna baths.

Laser hair removal is effective and safe, allowing you to eliminate unsightly hair appearing in different areas of your body. However, preparing yourself for the procedure is just as important to achieving the results you expect. You can expect a successful procedure by following these tips and consulting with your doctor.