Fillers and Botox – the popular anti-aging solutions that are effective and affordable

You cannot prevent ageing, but there are ways of slowing down the process and improving your looks especially by removing wrinkles and treating expression lines that appear as age progresses. Cosmetic surgery provides many solutions to make you look younger by ironing out the marks of aging from the face. Cosmetic fillers and Botox injectables are the most popular procedures that have helped women across the world to rejuvenate their facial looks to give a younger appearance. Botox helps to relax the facial muscles that undergo stress due to aging and create deep imprinted lines that in common parlance are wrinkles. When the volume and thickness of the facial skin decrease due to age, it gives rise to wrinkles that reveal the progressing age of people.

Remove wrinkles without plastic surgery

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are most preferred which is the reason for the popularity of Botox and cosmetic fillers. Botox acts on the face to rejuvenate the facial muscles thereby removing wrinkles and giving a tight and taut look. The purpose of using fillers is not just restricted to skin tightening and smoothening but goes to the extent of changing the facial profile that gives a more youthful look. Keep reading to know more about Botox procedure and cosmetic fillers used at Phoenix Skin Care and Anti Aging clinics.

Botox Injections for treating wrinkles

Botulinum toxin is a chemical compound that has anti-aging properties and sold by the brand name Botox and Dysport with the former being more of a household name. Botox injections work on the facial muscles and relax it thereby avoiding creasing of skin that is responsible for forming wrinkles. Aging manifests in the form of frown lines on the forehead, lines on the throat that resemble turkey neck and crow's feet around the eyes and Botox injections are effective for treating all these aging marks. Ideally, only doctors should carry out Botox procedures, but others may do it under proper medical supervision only. The procedure is almost painless, or at best it could give you the feeling of an ant bite.

Side effects of Botox include bruising, face pain, headache, drooping of the eyelids, numbness, nausea, muscle weakness, skin tightness and swelling at the place of injection but these are all temporary and restricted to the facial area of injection.


Filler materials injected under the facial skin can fill in the deep folds like the bracket lines (nasolabial folds) that extends from the corner of the nose up to the corner of the mouth.  Fillers also act like pads by filling spaces under eyes and hollow cheeks and even helps to create fuller upper lips. Hyaluronic acid is the conventional filler used nowadays that has replaced Collagen of the yesteryears.  Hyaluronic acid fillers can last from 6 months to a year while synthetic fillers by the brand name Restylane lasts for another 6 months. Unlike Botox, fillers hurt when injected and allergic reaction, infection and bruising are the side effects.

Before you decide on any cosmetic procedure, always consult a cosmetic surgeon for the right guidance.