Five Common Accidents Claims Are Made For

Accidents happen. Sometimes, however, it is not through clumsiness but the fault of a third party. There are many ways you can get injured, all of which may lead you to being eligible for compensation. Fortunately, Injury Lawyers 4U could help with this, but what are the most common accident claims?

Wet floors

This type of accident is usually claimed for by those that have to walk a lot as part of their job. There are many jobs that require walking, often at pace, and in such situations a wet floor can be treacherous. Jobs that require walking can range from administration – making multiple trips to the copier or printer – to waiting jobs, which often involve holding heavy plates and trays. Such accidents are not usually too serious, but can still cause nasty injuries.

Warehouse injuries

Working in a warehouse is immediately considered a more risky job than many others, mainly due to the lifting and manual work involved. There are many ways in which a worker can be injured in this situation, such as a broken shelf or an improperly maintained ladder. Quite often, these injuries can be fairly serious and can keep you out of work for some time. In this case, you may have the chance to file a compensation claim.

Medical negligence

One of the most serious types of claim, which, if proven, pays out large amount in damages, is medical negligence. The UK health system is recognised as one of the best in the world but that does not mean accidents cannot happen. Staff in hospitals and surgeries are legally obliged to keep you safe while in their care, so if you suffer an injury linked to a mistake made by a doctor, surgeon or medial professional then you could have a case on your hands.

Road traffic accidents

Roads are increasingly more congested as the population goes up and more people are able to afford cars. Unfortunately, with that, accidents on the road are also more common. A very common injury after being involved in a car accident is whiplash – but you may be able to pursue compensation for many other injuries too.

Public places accidents

Accidents are not just limited to the roads and the workplace, of course. Badly paved paths and poorly maintained roads can all lead to trips or falls that might cause injury. Broken bones and injuries that require hospitalisation are common injuries and can lead to loss of earnings if you cannot work.