Five Ways to Strengthen a Weak Immune System

A strong immune system is crucial to keeping your body healthy. Boasting strong immunity aids energy and performance levels, while reducing your susceptibility to illness. As well as taking Sons Immunity Health Supplement, you can incorporate a range of other positive practices into your daily routine to boost your immunity. Below, we introduce five such practices that will enhance your immunity and keep you fit, healthy, and energised throughout the day.

Stay hydrated

Given the fact that 70% of our bodies are comprised of water, it’s understandable that the immune system is dependent on regular water consumption. Carrying various infection-fighting cells around your body, lymph is a vital fluid within your circulatory system. When you drink insufficient amounts of water, the circulation of lymph is slowed down, which impacts the proper functioning of your immune system. For your immune system to thrive and perform as it should, adult men and women should drink at least 2000ml and 1600ml of water respectively every single day.

Regular exercise 

Foregoing a morning run or avoiding the gym will cause your immune system to suffer. There’s no doubt that regular exercise has excellent benefits for your immune cells while enhancing your circulation at the same time. This makes it much easier for your cells to circulate and fight any infections or disease-causing bacteria that try to enter your body. Certain recent studies have indicated that exercising regularly can potentially support your immune system’s fight against COVID-19. As a minimum, try and exercise for thirty minutes, five times a week. You could even invest in a standing desk to ensure your body is active throughout the workday to increase the benefits to your immune system.

Get your sleep

Your body will begin to suffer if you don’t get sufficient sleep, and the average adult needs seven or more hours of sleep each night. A healthy immune system is reliant on you having sufficient rest and sleep, as it enables your body to create the crucial infection-fighting molecules it needs to stave off sickness and disease. Multiple studies have evidenced the fact that essential immune cells are reduced as a result of a lack of sleep. Try and get into a bedtime routine by tucking yourself in at the same time each night, and avoid all screens for at least half an hour before you sleep.

Get cold

While most of us love a nice warming shower to start the day, some new research indicates that exposing ourselves to cold water can have a hugely positive impact on our immunity. This is because cold water triggers an increase in specific immune cells and individual compounds, which contribute to you living a healthier lifestyle. One particular study involving >3000 people discovered that incorporating a 30-90 second cold shower at the end of your regular hot morning shower reduced sick days by 29%. Remarkably, therefore, showering in cold water in the morning will help you stay healthy. 

Practice mindfulness

There’s an undeniable symbiotic relationship between mental and physical health. Numerous studies have found that anxiety, stress, and depression contribute negatively to your immune system and increase your susceptibility to illness and disease. As a result, practising mindfulness has emerged as an effective way of reducing stress and enhancing the immune system. So, if you’re stressed out, setting aside some time for meditation or by taking a walk in the fresh air could prove to be the tweak you need to improve your health and wellbeing.

Ensuring your body and mind are healthy is essential if you want your immune system to function at its full potential. Consider supplementing your daily routine with our scientifically-proven Immunity Health Supplements, which are capable of providing your immunity with that additional boost it requires to support your body to work at its very best.