Food and drink options at Rutgers University that are gastronomic delights

For a wholesome food experience in New Brunswick, one would hardly find any better place than Evelyn restaurant New Brunswick. The place that primarily serves Middle Eastern or more precisely Lebanese and Mediterranean menu is simply unmatched in its presentation and atmosphere that attracts a variety of people from all around the place. Located just about half a kilometer from the famous Rutgers University, the clientele list includes students and faculty of the University as well as a diverse range of customers from all walks of life - from businessmen to employees of multinational Corporations, not to mention about families and tourists. The restaurant is so popular among the RU population that when talking about food and drinks options at the University people do not hesitate to mention about the restaurants as the first choice. 

There is something for everyone

The variety and tasty Mediterranean delicacies of these restaurants are so much it's very own that the menu has become synonymous with the name of the restaurant. The special kind of food that has its origins in Greece, Spain, southern Italy, and Turkey leaves the diners mesmerized with its splendid taste. A wide variety of food and drinks can accommodate any diet or taste bud. No matter whether you are a vegan, herbivore, vegetarian, carnivore or omnivore or looking for a gluten-free diet, there is always something on the menu to choose from. Restaurants never disappoint its clients in selecting the food and drinks that might be unique to them.

Warm weather destination

It will be quite a task to find a place at some of the restaurant during the warm season because of the unique setting of the outdoor dining facility which is a huge attraction. The spacious and beautiful outdoor patio and bar is the most frequented place for diners who want to enjoy sumptuous meals under the sky on a pleasant summer evening.  The authentic Mediterranean food served in an elegant setting is a delight for customers who cannot resist the temptation to ask for more. 

Diverse menu for food and drinks

The wonderful appetizers are one of its kinds that are also a pride of the restaurant for being unique and authentic. The master chefs serve a variety of hummus and falafels with options for original and vegetarian grape leaves and baba ganoush, and everything prepared in-house. The restaurant is renowned for its authentic Mediterranean dishes, but even those who want to look beyond it would never feel let down. They have all bases covered to serve to the widest variety of food of all kinds together with delectable drinks from a well-staffed bar.

Whether you are meeting up with friends or hosting business lunch, the restaurant is ready to play the perfect host. The venue is just right for going out on a date or arranging a group hangout. Families would also find it most suited to enjoy lunch and dinner.

It is the place where you can take your own time to savor the delicacies without ever feeling the need to rush through. The ambiance and food will just not let you lift anchor too soon.