Four Reasons Why Dog Ownership Is Beneficial

Dog owners are happy people. The reason why they are so happy is because they are constantly around an animal that is always thrilled to see them. Whether your training your new dog, hanging out a the park with your pooch by your side, or returning home from work, dogs certainly go to great lengths to let their owners know just how thrilled they are. It is extremely hard not to be happy around a dog, and this is the reason why so many therapy dogs exist to help people who need some extra assistance to be happy. Happiness is not the only reason, but it is a very obvious and important one. These five reasons are not the only reasons why dog ownership is beneficial, as that list would be seemingly limitless.


Nearly every breed of dog is extroverted and friendly. Even the breeds that have the (often inaccurate) reputation for aggressive behavior are quite outgoing and personable. They are natural companions, and they seem to have a knack for identifying when someone is in need of some attention or affection. There are few things better in this world than the companionship of a dog, and the friendship that develops between a dog and their owner is one that will be forever remembered.


Dogs love to please their owners, and this trait makes them very entertaining. They are willing to do fun tricks to show just how intelligent they are while simultaneously exhibiting their obedience to their master. There are also plenty of times when a dog engages in unintentional comedy, a type of comedy that is often the funniest simply because it is so unexpected. It is hard not to laugh at a dog that has just come in from the rain as it jumps from couch to couch, burying its body in the cushions as it frantically tries to dry off. It is also hard not to chuckle when a 100-pound dog backs away slowly because a 10-pound house cat stands in their way.


Owning a dog means getting out of the house and into nature frequently. When a dog owner takes care of their dog’s need for exercise (and relief), they are also taking care of themselves as well. Since dogs need to be frequently walked, dog owners tend to get much more exercise than non-dog owners just because of all the walking that they do. This constant activity is one of the reasons that dog owners have a longer life expectancy, as it has a relatively significant impact on cardiovascular health.


There is a growing population of dogs that are being trained specifically to provide therapy to those in need. This is because many studies have shown that having a dog can have extremely positive results for people who need help in this regard. Many sufferers of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) have found that a therapy dog is helpful in conjunction with traditional therapy. It seems that dogs have a sense for knowing when someone is having difficulty with their emotions, and they are able to perfectly soothe any ill feelings by simply laying their head in their master’s lap. In this regard, dogs are able to achieve something significant for a portion of the population that is very much in need of their help.