Healthy Brain Development in Children Starts With Healthy Food

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat.” But when it comes to making sure that our children get all of the vitamins and minerals that they need so that they can be healthy as their bodies grow and develop, that saying is much more than a cliché.

As a matter of fact, did you know that there are actually specific kinds of foods that they can eat that will actively assist with their brain development? If you’re curious to know what some of those foods are, we have a list of several of them for you to pick up the next time you’re out grocery shopping.

Antioxidants. The reason why antioxidants are so beneficial to our systems is that they help to keep free radicals from invading our bodies (as an added bonus, they’ve also been attributed to the relief of stress). So, we’re sure you can see why your child would need them incorporated into their diet. Luckily, they are found in foods that many kids enjoy including berries, apples and carrots.

Choline. A particular vitamin that you might not be familiar with (by name) is choline, which is basically a water-soluble vitamin that is similar to Vitamin B. When it comes to the brain, there are two lipid molecules known as phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin that help to send messages to the nervous system. When the body is low in choline, it slows these molecules own, which alters our brain function. Foods that are high in choline include eggs, broccoli and yogurt.

Omega 3. The health benefits as it relates to Omega 3 fatty acids are many. They reduce the symptoms of depression; they help to relieve arthritis; they improve heart health; they assist in alleviating behavioral and emotional issues in children and yes, they also help to insulate the nerve cells in the brain. Although many people tend to take them in supplement form, there are foods that your child can eat that is loaded with Omega 3. Some of them are salmon, walnuts and flaxseed.

Complex Carbohydrates. The next time your child is watching Sesame Street or a Baby Einstein video, why not give them a bowl full of dry cereal? The reason why is that it’s a complex carbohydrate which is something else that children need in order to achieve healthy brain development. That’s because they are a great source of fuel for the brain. Aside from cereal, other foods that have complex carbs are whole-grain bread, pancakes and brown rice.

Protein. Protein is essential for so many reasons. Protein provides the building blocks that our bones and muscles need. Protein helps to protect our immune systems. And, there are also studies to support the fact that protein helps children when it comes to maintaining concentration. As far as foods that are high in protein, meat and poultry top the list but don’t forget that beans, eggs, seeds and nuts are also some great ways to get a daily supply.
If your child has a diet that consists of these five things, when it comes to their boost in brain power, they’ll be off to a roaring start!