Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

It is nearly impossible to avoid yeast infections. Studies have shown that over 70% of women have experienced it. So, chances are you must have experienced it also.

Vaginal yeast infection, also called vaginal candidiasis, is mostly caused by an overgrown fungus. This overgrown fungus is called Candida Albicans. It naturally occupies a vagina.

Do you need a yeast infection remedy you can cook up in the home? In this piece, you’ll find some of the best home remedies that are effective.

Remedies to Yeast Infections that You Can Try at Home

There are lots of remedies to yeast infection. Most of them might yield immediate results, while others might take longer. Below are a few natural solutions to yeast infection:

1.      Greek Yoghurt

Probiotics can cause significant damages to C. Albicans. Yogurts are known probiotics because they consist of live bacteria. These bacteria are vital in creating a healthy surrounding in the vagina. They are useful in resolving overgrowth triggered by an imbalance.

Studies have shown that including yogurt in your diet can help increase the gut microbiome. It can also help to cut down yeast in the body. If you are not a fan of yogurts, then you can simply consume probiotics. 

Probiotics are best consumed with meals. Plain yogurts are best suited for natural solutions. Ensure that your yogurt contains no added sugar. Sugar isn’t at all effective and can cause complications. You can try the link here to learn more about the benefits of yogurt. 

2.      Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a highly potent essential oil. It can be used to destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Studies have proven that a vaginal suppository that has it helps resolve vaginal infections.

The reason for the effectiveness of the tea tree is its antifungal properties. Tea tree oils are potent essential oils, so it’s best to dilute with a carrier. Some suppositories have already prepared tea tree oil. Those are the best solutions.

3.      Boric Acid

Boric acid is highly reliable in treating yeast infection. It is most potent for women with chronic and recurrent infections. Note that pregnant women should not consume boric acid. So, if you’re pregnant, it's best to try some of the other listed remedies.

Boric acid is endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They believe it to be safe and effective in resolving yeast infections. Women who administer boric acid for vaginal candidiasis likely would see improvement within a day.

4.      Apple Cider Vinegar

A bath with apple cider vinegar is an excellent solution for vaginal candidiasis. Studies have backed the solution also.

When you bath with apple cider vinegar, it flushes out destructive microorganisms. Experts suggest that it should be a lukewarm bath for about 20mins. This method is believed to be more potent.

Note that you shouldn’t overly apply apple cider vinegar. It can cause unwanted results. It is best to dilute then soak the solution in your bath.

You could also try integrating apple cider vinegar into your diet. This webpage has more details on how apple cider vinegar can be beneficial to your health. 

5.      Essential Oil of Oregano

You usually find common oregano at your supermarket. However, the oil of oregano used for remedying yeast infections isn’t the same.

Oil of oregano formed from wild oregano is more potent. It contains ingredients that are powerful antifungals. Examples of such ingredients include carvacrol and thymol.

Studies have shown that oregano essential oil is effective in altering the formation of C. Albicans. Just like any essential oil, oregano should not be ingested. It should be inhaled. Studies are ongoing to uncover other methods to use oregano. As of now, it is best to inhale. Remember to dilute in a carrier oil. Olive and coconut can do the trick.

6.      Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut fruit's skin. It is loaded with several health benefits. One of those benefits includes antifungal properties.

Research has taught us that coconut oil is effective in resolving yeast infections. This research has backed the potency of this widely available home remedy.

It is best to use organic coconut oil for your solution. It is more effective in dealing with yeast infections. All that is required is to apply the oil to the affected region.


Yeast infection is almost a natural occurrence in a woman’s life. The above-listed remedies can help with the condition. Remember to shop any product you might need from reputable sources.