How Do Dentists In SLO Help The Family

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Not only are there close to 25% of adults neglecting dental care in the country, but roughly 15% of kids also go untreated. Biannual check-ups and cleanings are a critical component combined with at-home dental hygiene to maintain optimum oral hygiene.

When oral health declines, there is a greater chance for general health issues to develop. By visiting a local family dentist in SanLuis Obispo, you can keep everyone in the family up-to-date on adequate dental care, in turn ensuring overall wellness. What will the advantages be of routine care and keeping oral health? Let’s learn.

How Do Dentists In SLO Help The Family

Oral health is beneficial not only for the teeth and gums, but the suggestion is that it’s connected to the body’s general well-being. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the adult population neglects this wellness component, and even more remarkable is the fact that a substantial number of children are left untreated.

In addition to a proper hygiene routine at home, biannual check-ups and deep cleanings are essential with a professional dental provider in San Luis Obispo to achieve optimum oral wellness and, thereby, good general health. Find details on taking care of your teeth and gums at

What will be some of the benefits you see when following this sort of program? Check these out.

●     Convenience and simplicity of a family dentist

When the household finds a family dentist that parents and children feel comfortable with, it can save much time and effort from having to arrange schedules around many different scheduled appointments to satisfy individual professionals for each person.

It’s relatively simple to set up a consultation that everyone can attend to meet the provider with personal questions and concerns brought into the open to develop a sense of security.

Once a primary family dental provider is agreed upon, one appointment can be scheduled to accommodate each household member, making the process simple and straightforward for everyone, including the dentist.

●     A lasting partnership can be established

Not only can parents establish a dentist for the remainder of their lifespan, but kids can grow with the family dentist and continue to use this provider into adulthood, forming a lasting relationship bound by trust, security, and comfortability.

When a child establishes a connection with a dentist, they feel safe in sharing symptoms or signs that there might be a problem with the teeth or gums. Sometimes these issues aren’t visible to the dentist immediately; it’s essential that the individual feels secure in sharing what they’re experiencing so the problem can be resolved early. Go here for guidance on treatment for specific dental issues.

The right dental provider will have your best interest as a priority and, over time, develop a history to track how to care for each family member optimally.

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●     Dental phobia is a very real anxiety

Dental phobia affects adults and children. If a child is experiencing that fear currently, it can transition into adulthood. Finding a family dentist who knows how to make a patient feel comfortable with their experience in the office is vital.

A first foray into the clinic can be merely seeing siblings and parents interact with the dentist and staff, watching how well the experiences go, and seeing that no one is uncomfortable or afraid but instead secure and safe.

Generally, a younger child will want to do what they see others in their family doing. Over time, confidence will develop, allowing for a check-up. If your child experiences this dental phobia, speak with a San Luis Obispo family dentist so they can help build a care plan to help overcome this anxiety.

Final Thought

As an adult, it’s critical to be an example for your children with your at-home oral hygiene encouraging kids to brush and floss regularly. Plus schedule your biannual dental check-ups with a family dentist in San Luis Obispo with whom everyone in the household feels comfortable and secure.

The best way to ensure no anxiety is to have a group consultation allowing everyone to speak freely about any concerns or fears they might have, allowing the dentist to calm those phobias. You’ll know you find the right provider when everyone looks forward to seeing their provider when the time comes for their next visit.