Natural Female Enhancement for Menopausal Women

Women around the world are looking for ways to treat low libido, hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of menopause. In recent years, the interest in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has grown by leaps and bounds. Synthetic hormones are not without controversy, however. While they provide effective symptom relief for menopausal women, they are also linked with breast cancer, heart disease and stroke.

As a result, more women are turning to natural remedies to treat their menopause problems. Natural female enhancement is an umbrella term that encompasses various natural treatments. From supplement pills to enhancement creams, these products use natural ingredients to increase genital blood flow, vaginal lubrication and female sexual desire.

Female enhancement supplements contain natural aphrodisiacs, multivitamins, minerals and herbs that boost libido and improve sexual health. Their ingredients have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. While they are notable for boosting the female sex drive, they also alleviate many symptoms of menopause.

Six ingredients, in particular, have the potential to perform functions similar to hormone replacement therapy. They include black cohosh, calcium, flaxseed, ginseng, wild yam and a supplement called DHEA. These natural ingredients are generally safer than the synthetic hormones used in HRT. Here is a short overview of these supplements.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is the leading supplement for American women in menopause. It is a key ingredient in many natural female enhancement products. Black cohosh is derived from a flowering plant that is found across the United States. The extract is thought to possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for various gynecologic problems.


Calcium is another natural ingredient that benefits menopausal women. Osteoporosis poses a potential threat to women during the menopausal transition and beyond. Calcium is essential for building strong, dense bone and maintaining it through menopause.


Flaxseed is also helpful for menopausal women. Derived from the flax or linseed plant, flaxseed is a popular nutritional supplement. It is helpful for reducing hot flashes and night sweats which, in turn, improve feelings of sexiness.


Ginseng is the herb of a slow-growing plant found in the Northern Hemisphere, mostly in the cooler climates of Asia. Although more research is needed to determine if ginseng can treat hot flashes and night sweats, the herb is known to elevate mood. This includes feelings of sexual well-being in menopausal women.

Wild Yam

Many natural female enhancement creams use wild yam as an HRT alternative. This native North America plant contains compounds that are very similar to estrogen and progesterone. Some supplement pills contain wild yam as well.


DHEA, a medical abbreviation for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone made from wild yam and soy. Known for its ability to improve cognition and slow aging, DHEA also improves the sexual health of women and men alike. Women use it to counter the effects of low hormone levels, and men use it to correct erectile dysfunction.