Protect Your Smile and DON’T Do It Yourself

The appearance of our smiles have never been more important with the increase in optional dental procedures that give us the perfect teeth to rival those with the ideal Hollywood smiles. There are various procedures that can be undergone to ensure we have the straightest, whitest teeth in an attempt to create the epitome of appearance-based beauty.

Dental work can be expensive, time consuming and simply not fit in with our busy schedules. We are all looking for a quick fix that is affordable and that we can do ourselves, it almost like a form of DIY that is purely beauty based. The most common thing we look to do ourselves is teeth whitening. There is now a large market full of products that are supposed to give us the perfect gleaming smiles, be the proud owners of beautiful white teeth that make us look and feel better. White teeth is the most desired element by all of us that are heavily influenced and swayed by appearance and have a need to maintain and improve our looks.

DIY whitening kits do not always fulfil the things that they offer and an oral surgeon NJ has seen an increased rise in patients having to turn to their dentists in an attempt to repair the damage that has been done to the teeth through the use of home whitening kits.

Not all the products on the market come with dentist recommendations, they are simply products that are designed to meet demand and are not entirely safe to use. Some of the worst cases of DIY kits have left users with discolouration, tooth sensitivity, reduced or damaged enamel, or even dramatically thinner teeth. The work is incredibly hard to repair when it has impacted the make up of the teeth and it is something that needs to be closely monitored and will have an on going impact on the teeth for life.

Our teeth have so many things to overcome and withstand, there are more factors than ever that can impose damage to our smiles, hygiene and colour being the areas that are the most affected. Smoking, caffeine, diet, lack of dental hygiene are the things that we have to tackle everyday and it is understandable that more people are suffering from discoloured teeth and want to find an affordable and fast solution. The outcomes however are simply not worth the risk and although teeth whitening by your dentist can be costly, they can guarantee the safety and protection of your teeth and a result that really is representative of the perfect smile.

We spend so much time focused on our appearance and the way that we look that there is little point in risking our looks with DIY products that can have such a forceful impact on something that is not only there for aesthetic reasons but that serves a genuine lifelong purpose.