Seven Tips to Lose Weight in Four Weeks

At some point in life, nearly everybody at some point will try and lose weight. There is an array of products that claim to make the process easier – these exist because it’s difficult. They can be helpful in shedding pounds, but more importantly is your attitude, and planning towards the weight loss. Below are seven tips which should help make the process easier:

1. Diet plans

There are thousands of different diets out there, but whichever you decide to go with, it’s important to know what you can eat. People often fail diets because they get hungry, so eat something they know will satisfy their craving for food. Following a meal plan will help to minimise the risk of this happening, and will allow you to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition at the same time. 

2. Exercise

Any healthy weight loss programme will include time to exercise. This doesn’t have to be something you hate, like running at 6am, but instead try and find something you get genuinely excited for. This might be yoga with friends, or going for a walk with your significant other after a meal.  

3. Realistic goals

You may have an ideal weight in mind, but don’t go into a diet thinking achieving that will be simple. Set ambitious, but perfectly achievable weekly goals. If after two weeks you aren’t seeing the progress you expected, just scale back the goals – after the month you’ll be much happier, and more likely to continue into the future.

4. Before/after photos

This is a personal, but highly motivating idea. If you take a photo before the diet begins, and then actively see the healthy changes to your body, the drive you get to continue will be unmatched. Be realistic with how often you take a photo though, once a week is probably too frequently.

5. Put away the weighing scales

Similarly to taking the photos too often, weighing yourself too often will quickly discourage you. Your body doesn’t change overnight, and weights vary day to day. Measuring your weight once a week, at a set time, will allow you to monitor your progress, while still noticing distinct results.

6. Cutting out favourite foods

The best diets are those that are easy to stick to. Cutting out everything you enjoy, may sound healthy, but you’ll start to crave these foods and likely succumb at some point – leaving you feeling awful. Try limiting the portions or frequency of these treats instead.

7. Don’t get bored

Have you ever been on a long journey, and all you can do is eat to prevent boredom setting in? Eating because you’re bored is something everybody does, but if you’re trying to lose weight, is one of the worst offenders for people failing diets. As above, create a meal plan, and stick to it!

These tips aren’t breaking new ground, but doing these simple things correctly will help with motivation levels, and hopefully help you to achieve those realistic weight loss goals!

Robert J Hudson is a freelance writer, passionate nutritionist and personal trainer. Over the years he has gained experience writing for many different health and fitness magazines, blogs and product review websites like Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews. Read his latest Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews or connect with him on Google+.