Should You Wash Your Face with a Cleanser or Just Water?

There is often a debate on the best way to wash your face in the morning. Some people are using cleansers and boast this is the best thing they have ever done for their skin. Then, others swear by just using water from the tap to start their day. So, what should you be doing when it comes to washing your face?

Well, the answer could be different for everyone and you will need to find out what works for you. Let’s explore the benefits of each side of the debate.

Washing Your Face with a Cleanser

First of all, let’s consider whether you should wash your face with a cleanser. There are a lot of people that believe this is the reason for their clear and clean skin. Indeed, every day, your skin is going to come into contact with dirt and even pollutants in the environment. Oil can build up on the skin, as well as there being dead skin cells. Often, you need to use a cleansing product in order to remove all of these impurities so that you do not develop clogged pores and age the skin.

But something that is very important is to use the right cleanser for your skin. Using the wrong one can lead to irritation. For example, if you have sensitive skin or need a product for post-cosmetic surgery care, consider using Frezyderm Mild Wash Liquid. This is renowned for being a hydrating and gentle product that removes impurities and improves the natural protective barriers of the skin.

Always check the ingredients of a cleanser before you use it. Unfortunately, there are some products out there that contain ingredients that dry the skin, which is not what you want. There can also be a lot of filler ingredients that are not good for your skin. You want to look out for hydrating ingredients and cleansers that get good reviews from other customers.

Washing Your Face with Water

Now, let’s consider washing your face just using water. In other words, this involves splashing your face under the tap and patting the skin dry. It is very simple and quick, which a lot of people like when they have a fast-paced lifestyle. But is it really enough to cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities? Well, some people say yes. They believe it keeps their skin clear. This could be the case if you have eczema or very sensitive skin. It means you can avoid using irritating ingredients that could start a breakout. You can rely on keeping the natural moisture of the skin.

However, if you are someone that has very oily skin, as well as acne, water might not be enough for you. In other words, this alone might not cleanse the skin and get rid of the oil you have. So, not using a suitable product could lead to breakouts since these impurities will remain on your face. The last thing you want is to develop spots and irritation. So, it may be better to use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. You can always experiment with just water first to see.

You can also find that if you wear a lot of makeup, this cannot be removed with water alone. Indeed, you can get products now that are waterproof. Even some face creams are water resistant if they have SPF protection. So, they will not come off easily with water and this could lead to spots and irritation.

Something that you cannot ignore in this debate is the quality of water you receive. Some parts of the country have better water than others. For example, it is said that hard water on its own can age the skin. Therefore, this should be a factor in your decision. Find out what type of what you have.