The Benefits Of Regular Health Checks For Employees

Australian employers literally lose millions of dollars every single year due to the employees taking days off sick. Nobody is saying that these employees cannot take time off when they’re not feeling 100%, but many businesses do not take active steps to help to reduce the incidence of sickness and so employees will continue to take their mandated days off every single year. The thing to remember here is that when employees are incredibly happy with their jobs then they don’t like taking days off sick even if they feel a little unwell and so they will push on because they don’t want to let you down as an employer. These are the kind of employees that every business should be trying to create and if you take a more proactive stance in your business then you will get to enjoy the spoils.

As an employer, you shouldn’t be waiting for your staff to get sick and you should be putting things in place so that employee health checkups become normal in the workplace. Not only will your staff know that you really do care about their health but it will bring to their attention any failings in their health that could be avoided by lifestyle changes. Due to the climate that we have here in Australia, many staff spend a great deal of time outdoors and so a skin check can be one of the things that you as an employer can make sure is carried out. If you as an employer who does not think that this is an expense that you should have to cover then maybe the following benefits of doing so can help you to make a smarter financial decision.

  1. Avoiding health emergencies - If regular health checkups are being done for your staff then it will allow the health professionals to identify smaller health problems before they become much bigger issues later. When your staff takes a significant amount of time off due to a surprising medical emergency health issue then not only are you worried about your staff member, but you also have to deal with the significant loss of a much-needed staff member during a very busy time.
  2. Much happier employees - Your employees will be much more productive if they are happier in the workplace and people are always stressing out about their health and whether or not they are in good shape. It is playing on their minds and so is distracting them from the job that you hired them to do in the first place. By making sure that regular health checkups take place every single year, your employees will have the essential peace of mind that we all need that everything is okay health wise and so they can concentrate on doing their jobs better.

As an employer, you will find that it will be much more cost effective to pay for these regular health checkups for your staff rather than waiting for them to get sick and then they take many days off. From a financial point of view, you will be saving yourself a significant amount of money over the course of a business year.