Unconventional Health Practices You Should Try

Pursuing health can be difficult. First, not everyone agrees on the best ways to aspire to wellness. You might have your own thoughts about what it means to be healthy. One thing that everyone can agree on is that pursuing health is not always easy. It requires persistence, forming good habits, and sometimes sacrificing something that we enjoy.

Most people know the usual methods of leading a healthier lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, get exercise regularly, have good sleeping patterns, and take breaks every once in a while for your mental health. If you want to set a goal to prioritize health in your life, it often starts with one of those activities.

But what if none of those ideas excites you? If you experience little inspiration in pursuing health through these conventional means, then your journey toward wellness could stall out before it even begins. Maybe you want to try something unconventional. Here are a few health practices that you could try that go under the radar.

Watch Comedies

Laughter is proven to have significant benefits, especially in terms of mental health. It can stimulate circulation in your bloodstream, relax your muscles, and put you in a much better mood. Now, if watching or listening to comedies means more time sitting down, then the health benefits of the ensuing laughter may be offset. Instead, see if there is a way to exercise while consuming this form of entertainment. Listen to a comedy show while walking, or stream some hilarious TV while on the treadmill. Let that wonderful laughter fill your home and experience the positive health effects that it can provide.

Cold Plunges

Personally, nothing sounds worse than immersing yourself in a tub of cold water or taking a cold shower. But cold plunges offer many positive effects on your wellness. They can reduce inflammation, aid with muscle soreness, release positive neurotransmitters in the brain that elevate your mood, improve heart health, increase circulation, and strengthen your hair and nails. Who knew, right? Maybe it’s time to incorporate a cold plunge into your routine a few times a week to take advantage of these benefits.

Virtual Reality

The rise of virtual reality is changing both the gaming and the fitness industry. More immersive games are becoming popular and allowing those who love video games to become more physically involved in the activity. From Beat Saber to Goalkeeper VR, many games will get you up and moving while enjoying an interactive experience. There are also VR options that are specifically designed for fitness, helping individuals move through a physical workout plan. Just be sure to moderate how much you use VR as overexposure can be bad for your brain.

Dietary Supplements

Though supplements for vitamins and minerals may not be considered unconventional in terms of supporting total body health, they are certainly not the first thing that most people think of when pursuing wellness. Supplements are a great practice to pair with a healthy diet as they can provide additional nutrients to supplement those that you are receiving from food. Though they are not a substitute for balanced eating, they can support optimum cellular health by increasing your vitamin and mineral intake. This simple product can take the form of capsules, pills, gels, powders, bars, and gummies, making them super convenient.

Stop Hitting Snooze

Alarm clocks can be the bane of any person’s existence. That intrusive ringing or music seldom happens when you feel well-rested, so the temptation to hit snooze and get just five more minutes of sleep is extremely strong. But this habit is not benefitting you at all. In fact, it is probably making you feel more tired during the day. The small chunks of sleep that you are getting by hitting the snooze button are not enough to help your body’s sleeping rhythms. Instead of hitting that snooze button, try sitting up right away when the alarm goes off to signal to your body and brain that it is time to wake up.

Decorate Your Home with Plants

Do you care about your mental health and fresh oxygen for breathing? Then you need to add some greenery to your indoor living space. Decorating the home with plants can improve your mood, make the air quality in your home better, and bring a touch of nature inside. It can be as simple as some small potted plants by the window or as intricate as an herb garden in the kitchen and a small tree in the family room. Add some greenery to your interior design and discover how much happier you will be.

Be Creative with Your Health Behaviors

Do you want to incorporate healthy practices into your life but get bored easily? Then hopefully this article was helpful to you. These unconventional methods for pursuing wellness can shake up the usual routines that health coaches and gurus push like going to the gym more, counting calories, and meditating. That is the beauty of the health and wellness industry. There are a million different strategies for supporting health, so be creative and throw some twists into your routine to keep things fresh and stay motivated.