What Aftercare Will I Receive After Having Laser Eye Surgery?

With any medical or surgical procedure, treatment does not end the minute you are taken off of the operating table. Aftercare and recovery procedures must also take place and it is often the care that you receive here which can determine how successful your operation is.

In the case of laser eye surgery, the aftercare treatment you receive is of paramount importance. Failing to attend your follow-up appointments could mean that complications or problems are not identified and this could mean that the results of the procedure are diminished.

For those who are contemplating laser eye surgery, here is an overview of the aftercare you should expect to receive.

Follow-up appointments

The first part of your laser eye surgery aftercare should always be follow-up appointments. These are designed to check the progress of the procedure and assess how you are recovering.

These appointments will occur on a semi-regular, ongoing basis for the first few months after your surgery with the first appointment usually occurring a day or two after surgery. After this, appointments should occur every couple of weeks with the aim of patients being discharged within a couple of months.

Additional treatment

In cases where the results of your surgery are not as good as expected, or where complications arise, you may be offered further corrective treatment. Depending on the situation and clinic you choose, this may either be offered to you free or charge or incur an additional fee.

While this is definitely a feature you should look for when choosing who to trust with your laser eye surgery, it is important to note than the vast majority of cases are successful and encounter no complications.

Constant support

As well as offering you access to treatment and monitoring the physical progress of your recovery, you should also get access to round-the-clock support for times when you experience discomfort or pain but may be unable to visit the clinic. Phone lines are the main form of contact here and most firms provide an advice line, which gives you peace of mind at any time of the day or night.

Length of aftercare

Recovery times vary depending on the patient and the type of surgery performed so there is no definitive answer over how long your recovery will take. Most patients are discharged within a couple of weeks but many firms offer much longer aftercare schedules for cases where more help and support is needed.

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