When you are feeling single and lonely, let these wise tips be your guide

As a woman with a biological clock that is ticking, being single when everybody is expecting you to get married can make you stress out. The society does not take singlehood very positively with the argument that if you are still single at a certain age, there must be something wrong with you. We all feel pressured to finish school, get a secure job and finally land the man of our dreams. What if this last part becomes the biggest challenge to you?

We cannot force people who don't want to be in a relationship to stay. No matter what you do, such people will eventually leave. Being single is not a disease that people should make one look down upon themselves. There is no point in forcing things then realize finally that the person was not meant for you. Today, we aim at helping a single person who has given up on love find ways to cope with the loneliness and enjoy a single, happy life.

Stay positive

If you want to have a good relationship, you must remove all the negative thoughts about modern dating. You may have gone through traumatic dating experiences that have made you hopeless in love. This does not mean that you can't find a better person than your ex. Stop dwelling on past relationships that may have lowered your self-esteem but stay confident that you will not be single forever.

Set high principles

The reason why you may have found yourself in this situation could be lack of standards. Use this time to determine what you are looking for in a relationship. Many people find themselves settling down because they are tired of being single. Don't settle for less simply because it is time to get married. Let your standards help make wise choices so that you can find the suitable partner to settle with.

Find your identity

Most relationships are based on people trying to escape from their own dramas. Take advantage of being single to develop the aspects that need improvement in your life. You can do this by evaluating why your past relationships do not work out.

We are quick to point fingers at our partners when indeed the problem lies with us. Use this chance to improve your weaknesses so that when the right partner comes along, they don't notice your flaws. Discover your passions and preferences in life alone so that it prepares you for future dating.

Avoid chasing people

This is a challenge that makes many single people get frustrated with life. Continually pressuring a guy to be with you will not make him stay. Take online dating at a slow pace without putting all your hopes on finding a partner. You don't have to go on numerous dates every single week since this can make you exhausted and sad when things are not showing hope. Accept the fact that if you are chasing someone, they are just not interested.

Avoid drowning your frustration in substance abuse

Most people spend days in bars drowning their frustrations with euphoric feelings from alcohol and drugs. This habit shows desperation to find a partner. It is impossible to get a serious partner while using such irresponsible habits. Find help through to keep you clean from drugs. Therapists at such institutions will also teach you mechanisms to cope with feelings of despair and loneliness.

Love yourself first

Most times, we seek for love elsewhere without understanding that self-love is more important than being loved. Nobody wants to spend time with a person who keeps on criticizing their life. For you to please a person, you must first know how to appreciate and respect yourself. Self-respect helps you not settle for less than you deserve. Declare positive affirmations regarding yourself and change what you dislike about yourself. If your weight makes you uncomfortable, start working out to build confidence from within.

Stop listening to negative people

The myths that lie in our society can affect our perspective on being single. Stop believing in people that tell you that all the good men are taken. This is a misconception that makes people desperate about finding a good character in partners. Even though morals keep on degrading, there are still eligible people who can make good husbands and wives. You need to find yours.

Be grateful

Often, we look at the void in our lives and forget to be thankful for everything that we have. Drift your attention to the things that you have been blessed with, instead of what is lacking. It might be a job, a good house or just the gift of life and good health. Being grateful for such blessings will help you draw people to you.

Stay busy

Instead of wasting an afternoon sulking over loneliness, keep busy organizing your home or doing the things you love. Inspire yourself through books and interact with others in a book club. This will help you avoid focusing on negative thoughts so that you can find happiness in life. Numerous activities expose you to new people from which you can get a suitable potential partner.

Help someone in need

Build your self-esteem by making yourself valuable to someone in need. Participating in community activities will help you realize how important you are to others. You can do this by volunteering your service in a center for children or the elderly. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself.

Exercise patience

Just because you are attending weddings of your classmates every other weekend, you should not feel pressured to settle. Don't feel jealous of your friend's baby shower but believe that your time will come. Practicing patience prevents you from poor life choices.

Final thoughts

Allow things to flow naturally to save yourself the feelings of loneliness. Remember there is no permanent situation in life and God may be sparing you from another heartache. Find ways to love and please yourself to live a single, happy life. Being single should not be embarrassing, therefore, uphold your status with pride and live an unapologetic life.