Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening against Over-the-Counter Products?

Often people complain of discolored and stained teeth and look for solutions for making their smile whiter. With an aim to save some money they tend to use whitening strips or whitening toothpaste available at the drugstore to perform the treatment via their own. But the truth is there is no alternative to professional whitening treatment. Though the market s flooded with whitening products and some may even work, yet will not offer the zing outcomes that a professional dentist can provide.

Professional Whitening Vs. Over the Counter Products

The reasons why choosing professional whitening against over the counter drugs is a smart choice is as follows,

  • Thorough Whitening- The over the counter whitening products come in the same strength and size to fit all forms of teeth. In the case of dental work, unfortunately, no two patients will have the same requirements. The whitening strips and trays may offer satisfactory results for one, but for another, the results may be partial. This, when done through a professional such as dental solutions South Florida dentist Coral Gables the effects, will be mind-blowing. The dentist will evenly apply the whitening gel and activate it through a curing lamp to help retain the smile and retain the brightness of the same level.
  • Professional Strength- The over the counter whitening products have whitening agents in a small amount which means it will prove useful in case of light stains and not on intrinsic or severe stains. The process and product that a dentist uses have a higher strength and are available to them only. It can help in removing stubborn stains and whiten the teeth by ten shades and that too in a single visit.
  • Fast Treatment- The over the counter products may help one in having brighter teeth, yet they may require using the product for a longer time. But professional whitening treatments last an hour offering excellent results within this brief period.
  • Comfortable Treatment- Often people using over the counter whitening products complain of teeth sensitivity and pain resulting from the whitening agent or the hydrogen ions. But a professional dentist will use the right protective covering to avoid contact with whitening agents. They may even offer a fluoride treatment later on to prevent teeth sensitivity.
  • Specially Designed for One- The whitening treatments sold in the market in the form of strips and trays are one-size-fits-all. These, in reality, will rarely fit all as every person has a smile that is of a different shape and size. But when one visits a dentist, he/she will paint the whitening gel onto every tooth offering coverage to all teeth.
  • Pick the Right Shade- In case of over the counter whitening products, one cannot choose a shade as it offers different outcomes to every user. But on the contrary, a dentist will customize the whitening level that every patient receives. One just needs to discuss with their dentist about the shade level they desire.

Apart from this, the dentist will offer expert information, provide long-lasting results, provide a safe choice and most importantly the patient will smile with confidence. So it is recommended to consult a dentist rather than using over the counter whitening products for the best results.