5 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

The results are in: researchers say that morning exercise, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, can have a myriad of positive health benefits. Furthermore, exercising before breakfast, and even before you hop in the shower, can be even more advantageous. Doctors say that more than coffee, and perhaps more than breakfast, a little physical activity in the morning can get you ready and energized for the day. They also say that 90% of people, who are adamant about their physical fitness, will stick to their regime better if they work out in the morning, opposed to any other time of the day. Specialists have a lot of theories as to why morning exercise is more beneficial, but no definitive answers. Here are 5 benefits of working out in the morning.

  1. The number one reason why morning aerobic exercise is beneficial is because it will increase energy levels that you’ll need to get through the day. In the morning, when you’re groggy and tired, the best thing you can do is to get up and jog in place or do some sit ups, just to start. Physical activity already helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and tissues, and can subsequently give you increased levels of energy for up to 10 hours after you finish your work out.
  2. Doctors also say that a morning work out will give your brain a work out too. Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning have better mental acuity and memory recall. This can have it’s short term benefits, like being able to function better on the job, and also long term benefits, like sharper brain function in your advanced years.
  3. Getting your physical activity done in the morning will also free up your schedule. Once you get your morning work out done, it’s really up to you, to do what you please with the rest of your day. No more running to the gym at lunch or after work. If you really want to save time, you can wake up a half hour earlier each day to give yourself a good work out session.
  4. Another benefit to working out in the morning is that it will help you stave off unnecessary food cravings. If you fix yourself protein shakes to lose weight and are trying to get into better physical shape, doing a little exercise first thing in the morning can keep you from craving overly fatty foods.
  5. Lastly, morning exercise can keep you on a healthy sleep cycle. Many people who exercise late at night find themselves unable to go to sleep because of the increased energy levels. Working out in the morning can set your circadian rhythms so that you can wake up easier in the morning and fall asleep faster at night. It will also give you a more restfully sleep in order to take on your long, busy day. Many people have noticed the difference, even after only a few days of working out in the morning, that they feel healthier and stronger when they do.