5 Common Weight Loss Myths Exposed

It seems that every other day you hear about another weight loss trick. However, most of these tricks are flat out heresy, propagated by harebrained fitness fanatics trying to promote their latest book. This is unfortunate, because people are actually trying to lose weight – not only because they want to look better, but because it will actually save their lives. Obesity is a serious problem and as the epidemic sweeps through the country, more and more people are taking a step back and looking at some of their life choices and realizing which ones are causing them to gain insurmountable amounts of weight. In most cases they will come down with two reasons: the food they eat and the exercise they don’t get enough off. When you do finally decide to lose weight it is important to know what works and what doesn’t. Here are 5 common weight loss myths exposed.

  1. Fast food should never be eaten if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, most doctors say that while fast food is not good for you, it can still be eaten in moderation and if supplemented by an otherwise healthful diet. Doctors actually say that we shouldn’t punish ourselves when we are trying to lose weight, but we should take into consideration how much our unhealthy eating habits can effect us. Yes, fast food is incredibly unhealthy, but once in a while it’s okay, especially as a reward.
  2. Drinking only water will help you lose weight. A lot of people think that drinking water will flush all the toxins from your body and magically result in a weight loss miracle. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, water is good for you and should supplant most sugary soft drinks, but it is certainly not the magic cure to weight loss.
  3. Another myth is that eating only healthy foods will make you lose weight. While eating healthy food is very good for you, it is not how healthy the food is that will make you gain weight, but the calorie intake as well. Health specialists say that we shouldn’t stray away from the foods we want to eat, but eat smaller portions when the caloric intake is much higher. Portion control and not what you eat is the secret to most successful weight loss regiments.
  4. Switching from diet soda to regular soda can help you lose weight. This is another rumor that has gotten a lot of people into trouble. This myth was spread long ago by successful advertising campaigns and now has become a permanent fixture in our social consciousness. In fact, diet soda is just as bad a regular soda. The caffeine might suppress your appetite, but the calories are just as high and can actually result in weight gain. You are better off taking a Curb appetite suppressant and washing it down with water than anything else.
  5. Lastly, eating small meals all throughout the day will help you keep the weight off. Again, this is an issue of how many calories go in and how many calories go out. While eating small meals throughout the day can hold off cravings, it still might cause you to gain weight. The key is to eat bigger, leaner meals and spread them out throughout the course of a day to reduce cravings, but keep the caloric intake down.