7 Things Your Midwife Might Not Tell You about Being Pregnant

Snoring, strange smells, big feet… Midwifes will tell you about some pregnancy symptoms during your antenatal appointments but there are certain things expecting women usually only discover first hand!

1. Pregnant women smell different!

The changes going on within our bodies and hormones can cause us to smell more musky or ‘earthy’ when we’re pregnant. The smell is emitted in our sweat and secretions – if nobody has told you about this it might take you surprise but rest assured it’s completely normal!

2. Pregnant women feel really hot!

Few women are prepared for just how hot they will feel throughout their pregnancy. It’s thought the hormones rushing through your body increase your metabolism and your body’s core temperature. Keep cool in a lightweight maternity dress during the day, and go to bed in just your sleep bra and maternity knickers with light bed coverings if being hot at night is keeping you awake.

3. Pregnant women snore!

Those pregnancy hormones have plenty of surprises in store for you, including the unwelcome discovery that pregnant women often snore. Your hormones can cause the membranes in the nasal passages and throat to swell, resulting in snoring. It is always worth speaking to your midwife about extremely heavy snoring but light snoring is usually considered part and parcel of being pregnant. Sorry!

4. Pregnant women can need bigger shoes!

Many women need to buy themselves a bigger pair of shoes during their third trimester. Our body fluids increase by around 50 per cent during pregnancy and swollen feet commonly make women’s shoes uncomfortably tight.

If it’s warm outside, a pair of comfortable flat sandals is always a good choice, while in winter you might prefer a new pair of cosy boots. Whatever the time of year, standing up for long periods is best avoided and frequent rests, with your feet elevated, will help to lessen the swelling.

Meanwhile, any accompanying swelling of the face and hands should be seen by a medical expert to ensure this isn’t a symptom of pre-eclampsia. 

5. Pregnant women have itchy tummies!

The stretched skin across your tummy may become incredibly itchy towards the end of your pregnancy. If an itchy tummy is driving you crazy ask your midwife or doctor to advise a suitable treatment. 

6. Pregnant women are forgetful!

Many women find they have difficulty concentrating during pregnancy and frequently forget things. If this is happening to you, you’re not alone. You may just need to write things down or save reminders in your phone 

7. Pregnant women have strange mood swings!

Those dastardly hormones can leave you laughing one minute, crying the next, then feeling anxious before becoming unreasonably angry. Give yourself as much space and TLC as you can throughout your pregnancy, and always seek comfort from your partner or a friend when you need it.

And don’t be afraid to ask your midwife about anything you are experiencing during your pregnancy. However surprising it may be to you, it’s likely they’ve seen it many times before!