5 Senior Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

With the rising number of seniors living at home alone it can put them at a much greater risk of hurting or harming themselves. Moreover, if they do injure themselves and can’t move or yell out for help, how will emergency responders know to help them? Medical alert systems are quickly becoming crucial in saving elderly people’s lives. Whether it’s a slip in the tub, an emergency of some sort, or even a quick call from an emergency response team, a life alert system worn around the neck or a wrist can vastly decrease mortality rates and give much greater independence to the elderly. Here are 5 senior benefits of medical alert systems.

  1. Greater security. How great will it feel knowing that if you get injured or hurt in your home that all you have to do is press a button and an emergency response team will be at your residence in almost no time at all? The security and confidence that can be gained through knowing that you are always safe in the instance that you can’t move or cry out for help is crucial for any senior that lives alone. Moreover, it can be embarrassing to call your family if you have slipped in the tub, which can lead you to put off calling for help, but with a life alert system you don’t have to worry about that.
  2. Medical alert systems can also give more security to the families of the elderly who might worry if they are safe. Many life alert systems have a response team that will do regular checks to make sure that the senior is alright or if they need any assistance. Life alert systems can also limit the amount of doctors visits and lower the rate that you need to drive to your elderly parent’s house to check on them.
  3. Ease of use. Most medical alert systems are as easy as pressing a button. If you are a senior and are injured it might be difficult to get on your feet to dial paramedics. Moreover, you might not even be able to call out for help. In this case, all you have to do is press a simple button and emergency responders will be on the scene. One of the biggest reasons why elderly can’t get help for themselves in the instance of an injury or accident is because it is too difficult to walk or run, or even pick up the telephone.
  4. Reminders. As a senior it can be hard to remind yourself to take medications and even to go see doctors when you have an appointment. A quality medical alert system will let you know when it is medication time and even when you might have a check up or need to make a visit to the hospital.
  5. Lastly, life alert systems are far more cost effective than hiring a live-in caretaker. If you weigh the costs of hiring a caretaker or guardian, with a livable salary and miscellaneous costs, against a life alert system you will see how much more cost effective it is. Not only will our seniors be safer, but they will be saving money too.