Working Out During A Juice Cleanse

Some people have complaints of hunger, headaches and other complaints during a juice fast. They wonder if it’s wise to exercise when they feel that way. While it may not be wise to participate in intense workouts during the fast, there is no reason you cannot do less intense workouts to utilize the boost of energy you’ll have on the fast.


Here are four examples of exercises that are quite appropriate during a juice cleanse.

Take a Long Walk

Walking is considered a universal exercise. Anyone can do it, even people who are just starting on an exercise routine. Take a short, brisk walk to get your heart rate going and improve your circulation. You’ll feel a burst of energy while you walk, as the energy usually reserved for digesting food will be available.

If you have time on your hands, you can go for a long walk at a slower pace. Climb a hill, walk around a large park or walk on your treadmill if the weather is not ideal outside.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is so gentle on your body, yet you’ll get a good workout while you do. It is one of the best ways to exercise while you’re on the juice cleansing. You’ll burn that excess energy as you work your abs, glutes and other muscle groups.


Tone your muscles and stretch your body with an extended yoga session. Bikram yoga is a good choice because you’ll work your muscles in a hot room at get a good sweat. Sweating is beneficial during a juice cleanse because it will get even more toxins out of your body. 


Rebounding has been hailed by many experts for its unique benefits. Similar to your childhood experience of jumping on a trampoline, rebounding is done on a mini trampoline in your exercise room. Get on it and jump as high as your ceiling allows. 

NASA uses rebounding to get their astronauts ready for space. It is so far the only exercise that will flush your lymphatic system – essential for eliminating toxic material from your body. The added gravitational forces of jumping up and down will work and strengthen every cell within your body.

It is just the right exercise to work along with your juice cleanse to rid your body of harmful toxins and restore your cells to good health.


Oh yes, if you love dancing then dance. It will get your spirits up –which is necessary during a juice cleanse – and give your body a good workout. Recruit a partner or dance on your own. There are a number of great video dance workouts that you can choose from to give your body the workout it needs.

The bottom line is that there’s no reason why you cannot stay active while on the juice fast. You won’t get the same level of calories as you’ll have on your normal diet, but you have enough energy to maintain light workout sessions.

About Author

Tom Griffin is a writer, blogger and fitness instructor. He has written for many blogs about a juicing diet and the benefits of doing a juice cleanse. Follow his stories and others on Twitter @weightloss_hqtr.