5 Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

While men around the world who compete in professional sports often mess with their hormone levels, testosterone issues do not only plague those who experiment with steroids. More than thirteen million American men struggle with low levels of testosterone every single year, and most of them aren’t even aware that they have a problem. Women get far more attention in this area, as the signs of estrogen deficiencies are clear and obvious, and the life changing experience of menopause pushes these issues to the forefront of the public consciousness. Men coping with the side effects of low testosterone levels will often say nothing about it, concerned that it’s their ‘manliness’ that is in question. But even though it is emotionally disconcerting, anyone dealing with these issues must seek help, or face potentially serious health issues. Here are five of the signs of low testosterone in men.

One of the most obvious may be a decrease in sex drive. A man’s sexual peak comes during his late-teen years, and then slowly decreases over the rest of his life. So some reduction in sex drive is normal, and nothing to be concerned with. You should take note, however, if there is a major change in a relatively short amount of time. For example, if you are used to having an interest in sex a couple times each week, but then out of nowhere you don’t think about it for a month or more, it’s time to ask questions.

Paired with this is often an issue with achieving an erection. This is certainly a sore subject for those men who suffer from it, which is why it will often go untreated for significant lengths of time. But while there may be mental or emotional issues sometimes at the root cause, starting a testosterone therapy treatment program can often reverse the effect.

Men dealing with testosterone issues will also experience a general sense of fatigue. This is another warning sign that’s difficult to identify, as any number of daily stresses and lifestyle choices could lead to loss of energy and tiredness. But if you are getting enough sleep and your stress levels are generally under control, yet you don’t seem to have the energy for anything beyond the daily necessities, you should speak to your doctor.

Muscle weakness is another warning sign. Men coping with these issues could see a reduction in muscle mass, problems with posture and general weakness. This will come on rather suddenly and be extreme. Perhaps you won’t be able to open tight jar lids anymore, or take part in the weekend sports you used to enjoy. This is another symptom that will swiftly turn around with testosterone therapy.

Finally there’s the most insidious sign: depression. It’s pretty difficult to get someone to attend a men’s health clinic because they are having dark thoughts, but testosterone levels are directly connected to a positive outlook and peace of mind. Your mood can quickly change with the proper treatment. Even if your depression has nothing to do with these issues, get help right away if you see it affecting your life. You owe it to yourself, and to your family, to try and turn this situation around.