5 Tips for Shedding Abdominal Fat

Many of us wish that we could lose a little weight, but the abdominal region can often be the first place that a troublesome extra bit of fat shows up. For many of us, that stomach area can be pointedly tough to keep trim. This is especially true when you've got a busy lifestyle and don't have several hours each day that you can easily devote to exercising. What's nice, however, is that there are a few tips you can use to help yourself shed that abdominal fat, and most of them are simple enough that you can work them into your daily routine no matter how busy you are.

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Make sure you eat some food within an hour of waking up. This very simple practice can set the stage for your entire day in a much more healthy way. Eating shortly after you've woken up like this, for one thing, will help you to seriously lower your insulin and LDL cholesterol levels. (For reference, LDL cholesterol is the "bad kid" of cholesterol.) Try to focus on foods that are high in protein and fiber, and make sure you're able to avoid foods that are loaded with sugars and carbs.

2. Walk a Lot More. Try walking more throughout the day. In fact, if you can get yourself a pedometer, you can start to pay attention to the number of steps that you take on a regular basis, and can work towards seriously increasing this number. If you can try to get to the point where you're walking about 10,000 steps each day, you'll be able to seriously reduce the amount of abdominal fat that you deal with.

3. Drink Much More Water. Simply drinking more water throughout the way can do your body good in a lot of ways. For one thing, it will seriously help to speed up your metabolism, which means that your body will break down foods in a much more efficient way. Drinking more water will also flush out waste and toxins, which similarly helps your body to run things a bit more smoothly. All this helps to make sure that you're not carrying around any extra weight in your midsection.

4. Try Interval Training. Exercise is an important part of making sure that you keep a good figure, but the way that you do it can help you focus on specific parts of your body. If you try and make sure that you exercise in short bursts, you might have an easier time cutting down your abdominal fat. This type of exercise has been shown to build both muscle and endurance a lot more efficiently. Try something like sprinting or going for quick walks. Exercising in more powerful intervals like this will typically work to burn fat faster.

5. Scale Back on Calorie Consumption. Along with your improved exercise routine, you must remember to eat well all the time. This means eating fewer calories each day. You can use a number of diet plans such as the one found at if you like, but you must always remember to focus on limiting your calorie consumption at the same time. To lose a pound of fat, you need a calorie deficiency of 3700 -- which means that you must burn 3700 calories less than the amount you eat each week. Use an online tool to figure out how many calories you both eat and burn each week, so that you can start scaling things back. It's much easier to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle when you use effective strategies like these ones.