5 Unusual Symptoms of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy will be an exciting time filled with anticipation and wonder. This can also be a busy time, so it is important to look after yourself at all stages of your pregnancy. Hormonal changes can play havoc with your body and you may experience things have are totally new to you. Changes to your metabolism, your circulation and fluid retention may affect your eyesight as well as other parts of your body during pregnancy.


Pregnant women often experience vivid surreal dreams. This is absolutely normal and no need for concern. Your dreams may appear wild or very strange, and you will probably remember them, but this is all part of the hormonal changes going on within your body.

Vision Problems

Your eyes may become drier and feel gritty during pregnancy. This is not a good time to buy new glasses, as fluid retention can cause thickening of the cornea and this may cause difficulty when wearing contacts or glasses. Make sure you check on your diabetic levels whilst pregnant, as this can also have an effect on your vision.

Leaking when you laugh or sneeze

As embarrassing as this may sound, it is all part of the natural pregnancy process. You are doing the right thing keeping your body well hydrated, as this will enable your baby to float blissfully in your tummy. With the amount of fluid you are drinking plus having baby weighing so many kilos pressing on your bladder, it is quite natural to experience a little leakage!


It is quite common for pregnant mums to produce excess saliva. This again is due to the hormonal changes your body is going through. Hormonal changes can also cause bleeding gums, especially after brushing, but this is harmless and will disappear after giving birth.

Strange Taste in Your Mouth

The hormones are to blame again! While pregnant, they can alter your sense of taste. You can experience a metallic or sour taste at any time, even when not eating. This is caused by fluctuating oestrogen levels while pregnant, but your sense of taste should settle down half through your pregnancy.

As well as being such a wonderful time in your life, you may also find that odd things are happening to your body. There are many changes to your body that you will expect, but there may also be a few unexpected surprises! It is important to look after yourself during your pregnancy. Your reward will be a healthy body during and after the birth and a healthy bundle of joy for you to cuddle and cherish. For ideas on looking after yourself, visit the Dry Eye website where you can get tips on healthcare for your eyes. Every pregnancy is individual and not all women will suffer the same symptoms. Many will suffer morning sickness while others will never experience it. Many mums to be will also experience bizarre food cravings. In fact, they will want to eat things they may never have eaten before! Throughout this wonderful stage in your life, follow a healthy diet, listen to your body but above, enjoy this special time.

Emma Jane worked as a nutritionist for 5 years before she qutted her job to be a stay-home mom of two boys.