The Effects of Global Warming on Your Health

Many people are unaware that the rapidly changing climate is actually affecting their health. Before 40 years ago, people didn’t know or have the resources to understand that global warming can actually affect people’s well being. More and more studies are being reported that show global warming is actually affecting people’s health in a number of different ways. With issues, like extreme heat and pollution, people either dying from direct exposure or are being affected slowly by the virtually poisonous air as a result from too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Here are some ways global warming might be effecting your health.

Right now, record heat waves are scorching the earth, which is causing deadly wildfires to sweep through countries. These massive blazes are not only killing people directly, but they are also displacing people from their home and the smoke that is rising in the air is causing people to have breathing difficulties millions of miles away. In the last ten years alone, as global warming is becoming something people are taking way more seriously, thousands of people have lost their lives to massive wildfires that have swept through countries at rapid and voracious speeds.

Also, the rising sea levels, as a result of a warmer climate and the melting of polar ice caps, is killing and displacing millions of people who live in coastal regions around the world. More and more we are seeing massive floods virtually wipe out entire communities. Moreover, it isn’t just effecting third world countries with more delicate infrastructures, it is also affecting first world countries too, like the U.S. Last years hurricane in New York City was a huge wake up call for lawmakers around the world to reduce carbon emissions, which cause many of the effects of global warming.

In addition, environmental data resources are saying that with record setting heat waves there are also a lot more vector born diseases, like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever. Some of these diseases are making their way on shores that have largely eradicated these diseases multiple decades ago. However, due to the rising temperatures, it is making these diseases, which are usually carried by mosquitos, to travel farther than anyone ever thought possible. Moreover, many of diseases are popping up in countries where doctors and researchers have never seen cases before, which is making outbreaks even more alarming.

There are other health issues too, like starvation, heat stoke, cold exposure deaths and more. Global warming is also having residual effects as well. For instance, as a result of higher emissions in more polluted countries, the air is literally moving to less polluted areas, which is causing heart disease and respiratory problems for people around the world. All and all, global warming is causing more premature deaths and raising the infant mortality rates to staggering and frightening numbers. Unless we want to protect the earth for future generations, we must do something to to reduce the effect of global warming by making more green decisions.