7 Diets That Are Gaining Popularity In 2013

Every year people make a new years resolution to help him or her lose weight. With these goals set in mind, there are always new dieting trends that burst into action and grow with popularity to see results. We are going to look at some of the newest diets that are growing in popularity for 2013 in hopes that you may find a trending diet that will work for you.

If It Fits Your Macro (IIFYM)

The first diet we are going to look at is the If It Fits Your Macro Diet. This diet eliminates the food labels from junk food or healthy food and focuses solely on calorie intake, macronutrient targets, and micronutrient goals to create a balance in your diet.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the second diet that is gaining popularity this year. This dieting fad is pretty self-explanatory. This diet consists of alternating or creating a pattern in your diet where you bounce back and forth between fasting by only putting water or low calorie drinks in your diet and eating a regular diet. People are enjoying this diet because it allows them to keep a normal diet.

Paleo Diet

The third diet we are going to look at is the Paleo diet. This diet is simple and believes we should go back to eating how man did in earlier times by sticking to strictly animals and plants to see optimal weight loss and healthy life changes.

Gluten Free Diet

The fourth diet we are going to look at that is growing in popularity is the gluten free diet. Many people may not be a fan of trying all the things they love gluten free, after all, pizza just isn’t pizza without the gluten. Many people are cutting gluten out of their diet to lose weight, but love this diet because you can get all the foods they love, minus the gluten.


Moving on to the fifth diet, many people are turning to detox to lose those extra pounds. People love this diet because they can eat what they want to eat, and then simply create a drink or food mixture that will flush all the bad out of their system.

HCG Diet

The HCG diet jumps into our sixth trending diet spot because of how quickly it has been growing in popularity. This diet is popular because it causes you to lose weight fast. This diet consists of keeping your calories low and receiving hormone injections of B-12 to help you shed any unwanted weight.


Fruitarianism takes out last spot for popular dieting because many people are jumping this ship for being popular with celebrities. This diet consists of 75% of your diet coming from raw fruits and the rest coming from nuts. This diet is said to help your drop weight fast and can be rather delicious for those who love fruit.

Everyone wants to lose the extra weight and they want to do it fast. These diets are growing in popularity because they offer quick weight loss solutions and show people the results they want, with less work and effort. 

Kerr Wilfred is a fitness and diet enthusiast. You can find her at Live Natural, a forum where people can share their thoughts and progress on their fitness and diet journey.