A Short Guide To Stopping Smoking

Smoking is an incredibly addictive pastime, and one which causes a great amount of suffering all over the world. One of the major problems associated with smoking is that people feel that they are unable to stop. The truth is, getting over this step is a simple matter of changing the way you approach the subject. Stopping smoking can be easily achieved, provided that you approach it with the right frame of mind. To help you achieve this goal, we will go through some basic assumptions which smokers have about smoking, and tear them apart. Here is a short, but effective, guide on how to stop smoking for good.



It Doesn’t Relax You

One of the main assumptions which smokers hold about the act is that it helps them to relax. In fact, it turns out that this is little more than cultural brainwashing. The only reason that smoking appears to relax you is because you are addicted to nicotine. When you are addicted to any substance, you cannot feel fully at home in yourself unless you have that drug in your system. It is the same with nicotine. Unless you have nicotine in your system, you can’t be fully relaxed., That’s why, when you have a cigarette, you feel that it has relaxed you. In fact, it has just brought you back to a more normal state.

It Doesn’t Help You Concentrate

Similarly, smoking does not aid concentration. It only appears to because you can’t fully concentrate unless you have a decent amount of nicotine in your system. The great irony of smoking is that you use it to try and return to a normal state. When you are a non-smoker, you are at ease most of the time, and able to concentrate easily. Smoking appears to offer the same experience; in fact, it draws you away from it.




Some people find that using alternatives can be a useful aid to quitting. This is indeed the case; either way, they are better for you than smoking tobacco. Using vaping products like space jam juice may well help you to kick your tobacco habit. Alternatively, you could use something like an e-cigarette, which provides you with the nicotine hit. In the long run, however, you might want to kick the nicotine habit too. But these can be a great way to cut down.

It’s All In The Mind

The only thing stopping you from stopping smoking is you. If you are like most smokers, you have this idea in your head that you need smoking to enjoy a situation. The truth is, smoking adds nothing to any situation. If you have come to think of your cigarette as a kind of social prop, then that is only evidence that it actually takes something away from you. Smoking takes away your confidence, and your health, and gives you nothing in return. If you are keen to quit, then the first thing you must do is remove your romantic attachments to the act of smoking itself.