What To Expect From Back Surgery From Day 1 To Year 1


Millions of people suffer from back pain, and a big majority of those people try back surgery to ease the pain. Are you one of those people? If you are, you are taking a bit of a risk. Yes, back surgery is routine in a lot of cases. But, it isn’t in other cases. To make sure that it is the right option, you need to know what to expect. Only then can you make an informed decision on the pros and cons. Carry on reading to find out more.


The Type Of Surgery

Ask the back surgeon what type of surgery they use to perform the procedure. If you are uncomfortable with the conventional method, there are other options. For example, key-hole surgery is a good compromise if the surgeon doesn’t need a lot of room to maneuver. Instead of cutting a big slice of the back, they make a small incision use cameras to find the obstruction and repair it on site. Alternatively, there is microscopic surgery. If you don’t know what best suits you, talk to your doctor beforehand.

A Long Stay

Even if the surgery isn’t major, you won’t be back in your bed the day after. Because the back is complex, doctors like to keep you in for a couple of days to ensure everything went well. When they are happy everything is fine, they will discharge you from their care.


Post-Op Pain

Sorry to let the cat out of the bag, but there will be a bit of a pain when the surgery is over. Surgery is a traumatic experience for the body, and it needs time to recover. The problem area will hurt more than most, yet you will ache all over your body. Don’t expect to be doing cartwheels the day after because that is extremely unlikely. In fact, it is almost impossible. The only surgery that doesn’t require a long recovery time is an appendectomy. The recovery process is a long affair, so prepare for to feel the effects. However, you will get better after a couple of weeks or months.



When you are in the middle of your recovery, you will get bored. There is no way around it as you can’t do much, and there isn’t much to entertain you. Every recovery patient wants to go back to work or do something to ease the boredom, yet they can’t as it is hazardous to your health. Your best option is to stockpile as many DVDs and video games as possible and wait it out.

Routine Checkup

After a year, you will be much better and back to full fitness. Still, you won’t be out of the woods. You should expect to go back to your doctors at regular intervals for checkups. Your back is complex, and it can start to falter out of the blue. With a checkup, the doctor can catch any problems before they escalate.

Finally, you can expect to get better as surgery is the only way to fix back pain completely.