Beating Snoring for a Healthier, Happier Existence

Though we often pass snoring off as a joke, the truth of the matter is that snoring is related to a blockage of your air passages. People who snore loudly enough to wake their partners or who wake up choking or gasping should go see a doctor to make sure that there is nothing serious going on. Some of the dangers of snoring include long interruptions of breathing, poor sleep, and even heart problems that include an increased risk of stroke.

Skip the Drinks

One of the chief causes of snoring is alcohol. Alcohol acts as a muscle relaxant, and it contributes to the relaxation of the muscles at the back of your throat. In turn, this makes your breathing passages narrower than they should be, which ultimately results in increased snoring. Even people who do not drink alcohol typically will start to snore if they have had some alcohol during the day.

Limit your alcohol intake and skip the alcohol entirely if you know that you will be going to bed soon. Before you take a swig, take in account the fact that alcohol can affect your ability to sleep without snoring if it is consumed up to four hours before you lie down.

Stay Hydrated

Water plays a huge part in whether you snore or not. If you are dehydrated, your nasal passages become sticky and tacky. This means that the flesh there does not expand or contract as well as it should, and in turn, it narrows the passageways that the air needs to go through. Take a moment to think about whether you are really getting your recommended 8 glasses of water on a day to day basis. Staying fully hydrated can make a huge difference as to whether you snore or not.

Get Fitted for an Oral Appliance

An oral appliance holds your mouth open as you sleep. If you choose to purchase an oral appliance, you must have it fitted by a dental professional. These appliances advance the position of your tongue and your soft palate to help keep your air passages clear as you sleep. Be aware that you will need to visit the dentist a couple of times every year to have the fit of the appliance checked. Additionally, you may experience possible side effects, including jaw pain and dry mouth.

For many people, snoring is just an inconvenience. However, snoring can also be an issue with roots in something more serious. Consider changing your lifestyle and incorporating healthier habits into your routine. It really might just be a little change that helps you spend your nights quietly and snore-free.

Jennie Herren is a freelance writer, who blogs about health-related issues. She recommends checking out mba healthcare programs for a career change if health professions interest you.