Working Out and Socks You Should Use

The best quality of gear is required in crossfit exercises because this is the only way to achieve the best success and the most favorable results. Anyone serious with these exercises must be ready to invest in the best equipment and to learn the best practices.

One of the forgotten and overlooked items in the process of crossfit is the socks that are used. Most of the times we think that they serve no purpose and people wear them because other people do, however, several benefits are associated with wearing socks during the process of crossfit training, and these are:


Socks provide protection to our feet and our legs during the process of training or exercising. This protection can be from the machinery that is used for the exercise or the friction that comes about during the exercise process. This is especially true when it comes to exercises like dead lifts and even in doing the box jumps. When the socks are not used, the shins can have a lot of bruising that is usually unsightly.

Looking presentable or fashionable

Wearing socks with shoes when exercising can add onto the beauty of the wearer, this is because there are some very beautiful and stylish socks that are sold in the market. These socks can have a variety of colors and designs that the user can choose according to their preferences. This ensures that the user is able to express their style.


Another role that the socks play is that of providing extra comfort. The socks are usually made of a material like cotton that is smooth and the individual is able to avoid the abrasion that can result from the inside of the shoe rubbing on the feet. The socks are soft and smooth and they reduce this friction.

Another way in which the socks increase the level of comfort is by cushioning. Socks can be made with some padding, and this ensures that there is some degree of cushioning from the tough ground or the inside of the shoe. There are socks that are seamless, and they ensure that the seams of the socks do not rub and irritate your feet.

Moisture control

In the course of a work out session, an individual will most likely sweat, as the fat burns in order to produce energy. Sweating occurs on many parts of the body, including the feet. There is therefore a need to dry the feet and ensure that the moisture is not allowed to accumulate. Socks can fit this role very well, since they are usually made from cotton or any other highly absorbent material that can absorb any sweat that the feet produce.

This means that the socks are able to absorb the sweat and keep the toes dry. This is important because having sweaty feet can lead to the development of diseases that affect the feet or can lead to the growth of fungus. Sweat can accumulate and produce a foul odor, and this will lead to the individual being very uncomfortable, as well as the company that he or she is with. Furthermore, sweat will lead to an individual sliding within the shoe and hurting the toes in the process!

Hi! I am Roy, a fitness enthusiast who shifted to crossfit socks a couple of years ago. If you are serious about exercise and sweat it out in the gym, I recommed that you give equal importance to your socks and shoes.