Before You Swallow Those Supplement Pills, Read This!

Do you need to take nutritional supplements? Health conscious people always want to be sure that they are getting enough essential nutrients. Since dietary supplements are readily available over the counter, anyone that needs them can access them. You do not require a prescription.

Many people take a variety of supplements on a daily basis. You might be taking yours religiously, yet you do not need to. If you make sure that you eat a healthy diet in every meal, you are good to go. However, if you feel there are some nutritional gaps because of some foods that you have no access to, then you may need to supplement. Some of the available supplements include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Botanicals (herbal products)

They also come in various forms: liquid, powder and pill. They can therefore be taken directly, or added to food and drinks like juices.

Supplements are taken by most people to ensure that they are getting enough nutrients to improve or maintain their health. However, not everyone needs to take dietary supplements. You can easily get all the nutrients you need by eating a variety of healthy foods.

Do Dietary Supplements Have Side Effects?

  • Some have been known to have side effects. You should probably steer clear of some of them if you have just had surgery, or you are on medication.
  • Nutritional supplements can also cause health problems for someone that has a long-term health condition.
  • Children are very delicate as their immune systems are still developing. You should therefore be careful about administering any dietary supplements to them.
  • Expectant women should also not just be served supplements over the counter.

For these special groups of people, it is best to consult a health care provider before getting any nutritional supplements.


Supplements are not curatives. No matter what claims they make, they can neither cure you, nor prevent diseases. Ultimately, if you are sick, you will need to see a health provider who will prescribe drugs to cure your illness. A nutritional supplement is not a drug. Do some research by visiting websites that are based on supplements, for instance The Complete Guide to Nootropics Supplements | BestNootropicsNow.

No one has as yet unearthed any evidence that supplements have ever reversed the effects of any chronic ailment.

However, there is evidence to the effect that some supplements have a positive effect on health in different ways. Nutrients like:

  • Vitamin B: Vitamin B12 is good for the nerves and blood cells. It keeps them Since it is mostly found in animal products like meat, dairy foods and fish, vegetarians may need to take this supplement.
  • Vitamins C and D: These are antioxidants. They prevent damage to the cells and help in maintaining health.
  • Vitamin D: Aids the body in the absorption of calcium.
  • Calcium: Helps to enhance bone health.
  • Iron: Expectant women need iron, therefore, they could benefit either from foods rich in iron, or iron supplements, with expert advice, of course.
  • Folic Acid: This one is necessary for all women of childbearing age.
  • Fish oil: It promotes the health of your heart. This one is even scientifically proven.

There are some popular supplements that are still being studied. A number of supplements have side effects, but with few risks. All the same, you are advised to approach them with caution and always take them with the guidance of a medical practitioner.

For instance, Vitamin K could interfere with the ability of blood thinners to be effective. Others will reduce the effect of, say antidepressants, making them less effective.

Natural does not equate to safety. Some natural supplements can cause serious harm on some vital body organs like the liver. Read up on how the supplement is prepared, and what it does to your body before you take it. If you cannot find adequate information, ask a healthcare expert.

Vitamins and Minerals

There is something the experts call the DV (Daily Value). Check the DV for each nutrient to ensure you are not taking more than what your body needs. There are nutrients that could turn foe if you take more than the recommended amount.

Also, it is prudent to follow any new discoveries made about nutrients and vitamins closely. It cannot have escaped your notice that one day something is said to be good for a certain role in the body, only for that claim to be rubbished a few days later.

A good example is vitamin E, which was supposed to be great for reducing men’s chances of developing prostate cancer. It has since been established that this may not be so. In fact, it has the complete opposite effect; it increases the risk of contracting prostate cancer.

Check the List of Ingredients

Manufacturers can be held accountable for giving wrong information about the ingredients that they use. The government has to approve of a product before it hits the market. The manufacturer must:

  • Ensure the purity of the product.
  • Give an accurate list of the ingredients used to make the product.
  • Give accurate amounts of the aforementioned ingredients.

However, since no one actually checks to verify that what is indicated is accurate, you may end up with more or less of the ingredients that have been listed. An unscrupulous manufacturer may fail to include some of the ingredients, or even falsify the amounts of the same. You could get some independent organizations to verify the quality of the supplements by testing them, but that still does not mean that they are 100% safe for use. You are only given an assurance that the information given on the package is correct.

There are websites provided where you can check reliable information on dietary supplements. Look for one such website and check whether the supplement you want to buy makes the list.

You would be wise to inform your doctor of any supplements that you or your children may be using when you go for an appointment. This is because some supplements may interact with medication negatively making the healing process ineffective.

Always ensure that you are well informed by checking out sites like The Complete Guide to Nootropics Supplements | BestNootropicsNow which provide up to date information about the latest findings on supplements and their effects on the body.