Comparing Different Meal Kits and Recipe Delivery Services

Many people have tried a variety of meal kits and recipes deliveries and consider them to be an integral part of their lives. Meal planning can be tedious and not having to do it is a major advantage. Alternating between different plans gives you a chance to have more options, especially if you have certain short or long-term dietary needs. The differences between these services can be determined by comparing and contrasting them.


Blue Apron and Sun Basket are among the main services that are available. Before making the comparisons, it is important to consider the basics of these meal delivery kits.

  • The recipes are changed every week and new dishes are constantly added so that consumers are not bored by similar recipes.
  • Different plan options are offered according to your needs.
  • The meal kits enable you to create various chef-designed, delicious recipes from the comfort of your home with detailed steps and instructions.
  • Recycling options and programs are offered for their packaging.
  • Fresh ingredients are delivered in refrigerated boxes.
  • Since everything is provided in the portions that are required for the recipes, no food is wasted and there are no extra trips to your grocery store.

It is also important to note that there is no commitment with any of the services. Consumers sign up for their weekly plans but they can skip, pause or cancel at any time for reasons such as being out of town or not being able to cook. Learn more at


One of the main differences that are observed between Blue Apron and Sun Basket is their prices. Blue Apron is generally more affordable per meal and comes with free shipping. Sun Basket costs more per serving and there is a delivery fee for each week. In terms of prices, Blue Apron emerges as the overall winner.

Meal Selection

Blue Apron does not have gluten free options although some of the weeks consist of a number of gluten free recipes. Many meals contain weight and if you need an abundance of gluten free meals, you can consider switching to Sun Basket. Blue Apron provides a vegetarian and regular plan. You can mix and match the meals that are offered each week.

Sun Basket provides vegetarian, gluten free and paleo plans that you can also combine within these categories according to the recipes that you like the most. There are enough choices for each category and swapping out one of the dinners for the breakfast option is ideal when you do not want to cook dinner more than twice.

Fresh Ingredients

Both the services offer fresh ingredients from quality suppliers. Blue Apron emphasizes on its commitment to using high quality ingredients and developing sustainable food systems. Sun Basket offers a lot of organic ingredient each week.


Sun Basket and Blue Apron are well known for their delicious meals. Blue Apron is creative and encourages consumers to use unique ingredients. You can look forward to flavorful and nutritious meals.


Sun Basket and Blue Apron are both great for different reasons. Switching back and forth can be interesting, depending on the menus that you want to try each week. Blue Apron provides a classic affordable option while Sun Basket is a good option for dietary restrictions and organic food