Check Out the Best Features of Motorized Wheelchairs

If any of your loved one or acquaintance is using a manual wheelchair, then it is high time that he opts for a motorized/power one. Below are some convincing reasons as to why choosing a motorized wheelchair over a manual wheelchair makes sense.

  • Electric Powered- The first and foremost benefit of choosing a power wheelchair over manual is that it comes with small motors. That makes moving it simpler for the user with minimal arm/hand movement. Rather than pushing the wheel manually for steering and propulsion, there is a joystick which is exceptionally convenient to use and will help the user in moving backward, forward or side to side.
  • Hassle-free to Maneuver- In comparison to self-propelled wheelchairs the powered wheelchairs provide better maneuverability to the user. Through the tighter turning circle, the user will be capable of easily navigating the small areas like narrow paths or indoors. These wheelchairs make it simpler for the user to navigate around both outdoors and indoors obstacles. For the best and widest variety of powered wheelchairs, contact Disability Friendly.
  • Tough Inclines and Terrain- If you have to tackle through rough terrain, the powered wheelchair designed exclusively for outdoor exploring will be an ideal choice. With enough power and larger tires for getting the user over small hurdles, this model will enable the user to venture over the majority of the tracks. A plus point is a suspension that offers a smooth ride. A manual wheelchair is tough to use when you encounter an incline or a hill. Along with needing more upper body strength for climbing, the inclines will present the danger of the wheelchair in rolling backward. The power wheelchairs feature designs for overcoming such issues as the electric motors, in fact, will take the challenging task out of slopes and hills.
  • Adjustable Height- A key restriction in a manual wheelchair is the user will always be on the same height. No matter he/she needs sitting lower at their dining table or reaching the higher shelf especially in a supermarket, most powered wheelchairs allow users to change their height by merely pressing a button.
  • Perfect for Children- Because children have shorter arms and reduced strength on the upper body using the manual wheelchair will be difficult. The motorized/powered wheelchairs will help them to move about smoothly without putting extra strain on the body. It is also a better choice than a manual wheelchair because it will enable a child to sit higher than he/she would in case of the manual wheelchair.
  • Better Support- To feel support and comfort in a wheelchair is extremely crucial for the user. As minimal movement is needed for controlling the motorized wheelchair, there is more support and comfort for the head, body, legs, and arms. Being supported along with ensuring that the user is safe will also offer better comfort.

Picking the right wheelchair matters for the health and well-being of the user, so switch to motorized/power wheelchairs today and give your loved one that perfect gift of mobility.